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PSA shipping


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.... third time ordering from PSA. First two times I had to kinda "prod" them with an email to customer service to ship my orders. This third order I figured I'd wait and see, and it's been 11 days and still the order is "processing".... is this normal for you guys?

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Make it 1 month for an upper I'm waiting for it to be here tomorrow :) I paid less than the Easter sale!! I can wait... Ordered 3 kinds of projo in amo boxes and received ASAP ? My guess assembly time for gun. gun related is Warehouse ready.post-12857-0-69778100-1397702178_thumb.j

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Yeah I've found them to be kind of slow on shipping too. I bought a LPK package from them a while back that included an MOE grip and stock with the buffer tube assembly for $99 and it took them over a month to ship it. I figured they oversold the deal and had to wait to get more of some parts in. Luckily I wasn't in any hurry and it was a killer deal!

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Well I got the box in this morning and was a bit dissappointed.  Its just the other small parts I ordered not my upper.  On the horn with them now trying to figure out whats going on as my upper is showing shipped as well but the box weight on my tracking number is only showing 2 lbs which is the one i recieved.

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Well Im a little disappointed to say the least. My upper was dirty and oily which isn't too bad I can strip it and clean it (because the barrel can be seen through the rail and thats where the grime resides), but thats not the least of my issues. Two things were wrong with my order which they are going to sort out for me. First it was supposed to come with a NiB bcg. Well it came with a normal black oxide one, not to mention it looked as if it were thoroughly put through its paces. It was scratched up on the side as well as had a copious amount of brass "pieces" near the extractor not to mention around the firing pin was completely "brass". Secondly the key mod rail pieces they sent me with my rail are not for my rail at all. It came with 3 rail sections and 5 screws <dontknow> still can't figure that math out (2 screw holes per section). Also the key mod sections of the rail are flat and the rail sections are curved. So after 2 phone calls (one at 10AM and one at 5PM) and talking with 2 different people over there I finally got an email with a return label to ship them back the incorrect parts so they can ship me the correct parts. So after about a month of waiting more waiting is in line....

On a side note tho it does look dam pretty lol


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