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The lady don't like sigs.....


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Ok so I get the little lady a sig 938 for her last B-day and she shoots it a few times and the other day just says I don;t like this pistol, so off we go to the GS and we walk in and she handles just about all the pistols in the case so?????? what does she come home with a Kimber Pro Carry 2 titinium sights and 2 wilson combat mags, well I hope she is happy now....... :) cause i am broke for the month.....

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The Pro Carry II is an awesome pistol, brother - she has good taste.  <thumbsup>


There are really only two functional differences between that pistol and the Tac Pro II - and you can add both onto it as time goes by.  Ambi safety and flared mag well.  You've already got the night sights.  Awesome purchase!!!  :hethan:

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I think you went "too small" in the first place with the 938. It seems like the lady would have preferred something larger in the first place and the Kimber Pro Carry II was more her size. :D


Could have picked up a P227 Carry or P220 Carry or 1911 Carry Nightmare..... if you wanted to stick with sigs. :) 

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Well you see I have carried a Kimber CustomTac 2 for a long time and she liked the ambi safety and she like the titinium sight because she could always see them at nite on the nite stand next to the bed so ,,,,,when she left the gun store it had the ambi safety..... so except for the magwell it is just like mine but a bit smaller and she also loves the trigger and the fact it is a 45acp instead of a 9mm. long ago she had a 45 in a Star PD that she loved and this pistol is just about the same size....


  The Sig.... she did not like the small safety lever it was to stiff to activate with her thumb it shot very well no hicups there but the saftey was her main concern she uses the inside of her thumb between the thumbnail and the first knuckle to activate or deactivate the safety and she just could not do with any confedence on the sig..... nice pistol had a holster and laser and extra mag.... but she is much more happy now..

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