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Noveske build??


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I am completely new to the concept of building an AR. I have tried doing some research on noveske lowers, but they all add up to the N6 lower which if I'm right they don't make anymore. I want to build a precision rifle, that being said Noveske seems to be the company that offers that. Is there a new lower they offer in 308? I also understand that only Armalite and Noveske uppers are the only compatible uppers. Are larue or lewis machine and tool lowers compatible with a Noveske upper? Any knowledge would be appreciated as I am new to this and all the compatibility problems are overwhelming. I want this to be a dream build as it is my first and probably my only for some time to come. Thanks

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Welcome to the forum. I don't want to dash your hopes, but you will not find a noveske receiver, upper or lower. They barely do runs of their barrels, that being said I just happened to start a build with their 12.5 Leonidas barrel for an sbr build. I am using a Mega MaTen monolithic matching receiver set, which can use either SR25/DPMS based or Armalite pattern as long as the barrel and bolt match.

So, with this info you can go that route, and use noveske barrel and an Armalite bcg, which rainier arms has in stock(not for long is my guess). They only have 16" barrels in, and while this is good for distances up to 6-800 yards( if you can do your part, no easy task) you said you wanted a precision build. And yes LaRue is Armalite and noveske compatible, but I think that's it. I own an OBR, but would never think of mixing and matching any parts of it, it's just that good.

Now here are my questions for you, please answer as honest as possible so we can all help:

1. What distances are you planning on shooting

2. Is this a paper puncher or do you plan on hunting or doing other things like competition with it

3. There are great selections out there other than noveske, did it have to be them?

4. What is your budget? Realistically a top of the heap .308 ar may run you 2k + not including glass.

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The N6 is on hiatus right now. It's an AR-10B pattern gun so the amount of other uppers are pretty limited (Armalite and Noveske).

LaRue and LMT use SR-25 pattern uppers, which aren't the same as the AR-10B pattern.

You can easily buy a precision rifle in a DPMS or SR-25 pattern. You can also build a DPMS or SR-25 pattern gun with a Noveske AR-10B pattern barrel and AR-10B pattern BCG if you're dead set on having Noveske.

And yes LaRue is Armalite and noveske compatible, but I think that's it. I own an OBR, but would never think of mixing and matching any parts of it, it's just that good.

Careful, AR-10B uppers (classic AR-10 pattern) are NOT compatible with SR-25 pattern lowers. It may fit, but rounds won't feed.

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Well I've pretty much givin upup any hope of noveske for parts. Maybe when it comes time to build 5.56 rig. But for now I think I'm gonna go with a Mega Maten upper and lower. As far as distance and it will be a 600yards target beast my budget is about 2500 or a little more if needed. I know I can pretty much achieve this with a 5.56 build but that would be no where's as bada** or what I want. I don't know what to pick for a barrel either, I've heard good things about the ultramatch series but its going to be a 20 or 24 barrel and those don't look all that great. Remember this is going to be a dream build and appearance is just as important as functionality. So please if you have a humble opinion share, if you are going to try to pursuade me into a 5.56 please move onto a different thread.

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I built a 600 yard rifle. An absolute slayer! I went with a 17" custom barrel. Even my Nightforce is BDC'd for 600 yards.

Hindsight being 20/20, I would've gone with a FA (Criterion) 16" LW rifle length barrel, instead of my custom carbon fiber barrel.

I built an 18.5" rifle that is hitting steel at 1,000 yards, launching 175gr proj's. That's using a NEMO bbl.

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I built the rifle with the NEMO bbl. Edge owns the OBR... we're about 3,000 miles apart... Although that doesn't stop us. They are nearly as accurate. I'll give overall reliability and effectiveness to the OBR over something I built. I do a good job, but I wouldn't have to stay at my regular job if I could build like LaRue.

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Yep. What edge said is spot on. They stopped making the N6 lowers (and rifles for that matter) about 2 years ago (somewhere's about). They've been hard to find for quite some time. That's what got me interested in the Leonidas that they were making. Finally settled on getting the barrel (that they still make in small quantities) and making my own out of an Armalite set.


Noveske does make some nice stuff (damn good stuff actually). And I agree that it's a little on the steep side. But you just don't see them that often these days.

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So. That brings to you sir, shazam.

I personally believe that you want something, envision that it is the only thing you desire, then you will not regret the price.

I'd go for that lower. You most likely won't find an upper, but could use an Armalite and put a noveske barrel in. Or, as my case, use Mega MaTen receivers, use Armalite bcg, and noveske barrel.

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Once again. The man is speaking the truth.


Think fast my man......cause that Noveske lower will get away from you if you ponder it too long. Always remember, that a good deal is when both parties leave happy.


And between me and Edge, we'll have two different variations of the same BAD-ASS "little" 308. But every rifle is different. And you most definitely wouldn't be disappointed with the N6 lower as the platform to build off of.

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