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Fire works gone wrong


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Last night I did my first show in 4-5 years with a good friend of mine. He and I have been doing this with some others for about 13 years, and I've been helping him do shows with stuff he's bought for his mom and dads 4th party's for 10 or so years before that

Last night I saw my first failure to launch we had a 5" shell detonate in the gun tube, the out come was insane we're lucky no one was seriously injured or killed. So when the shell exploded it ignited atleast two other shells launched one tube 40 yards to the northwest, launched a shell perpendicular to the ground to the south and it detonated and hit the ground about 50 yards from our trucks, and another gun tube was unaccounted for as of last night, we don't know if it blew apart or launched somewhere all we could find was the base....







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There might be some video, to busy lighting to video there was a guy running around with a go pro on his head thinks he got it also there was a camera on the roof across the street, I'm curious to see it. I was 75 yards to the north of this rack lighting 4" shells it was insane to see, two guys standing next to it got pelted. When you light step away and duck and cover alittle bit, the guy lighting the rack did that and got hit in the back with somthing, which kinda knocked him down at that point all hell broke loose and he was on the ground covering his sh!t

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That's always fun last year we had a mortor tube tip over and launch right under my daughters chair no one was hurt but that was it for the night!! Glad every one walked away!! Safe and kinda sane boys good lesson.

Yea those cardboard tubes with the plastic vases can be sketchy !! We used to hot glue them to a 2x6 to keep them from being so tippy

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