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CMMG MK3 LR308 UPPER Receiver

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Howdy boyz............has anyone here tried the CMMG MK3 LR308 upper receiver ?

I have been trying to get a 15" free float hand guard for my DPMS LR308 and it has become a PITA due to DPMS's vast array of multiple upper receiver heights....

I thought I had found the FF hand guard that would fit my upper but, alas, this was not to be (as you can see in the photo).

Well, since I really like the CMMG MK3 hand guard, especially with the "keyhole" feature for added pic rails, I'm thinking about getting the CMMG MK3 LR308 upper receiver and be done with it.

I called CMMG tech service and they have been really good to deal with so far. They will be changing their website to reflect the added "will not fit" DPMS upper and will let me return the hand guard for a refund.

I ask them specifically if the MK3 hand guard will properly fit their MK3 upper receiver and they said it would. I told them that I would consider buying the MK3 upper if, my DPMS BCG, BCM Gunfigther 7.62 charging handle and DPMS barrel could be used with it............waiting on a reply.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions will be greatly appreciated......




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   There is a sticky around here on how to measure your upper to get the right hand guard for it . There are quite a few good ones out there as was said above.


There is a super high top one for there target rifles & I don't have the dimensions on that one , but below is the difference from the old higher rail height & there new , lower height.



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There are some pics of the super high top upper in this thread:


Yep.......that's the one I have, unfortunately. I do not want a complete upper. All I need is the "stripped" upper receiver. If the CMMG MK3 is not compatible with BCG and charging handle I already have, then I will regroup and go to plan B.........



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  I believe the CMMG 's are DPMS platform rifles & you should be able to just swap uppers receivers out & depends on the matching rail height of the Hand guard you have. What rail height does it match up to , as shown in the photo I posted . Thats if you care about a little rail difference between the upper & hand guard.


  This shows the difference in rail heights of the low profile of the new DPMS upper receive rail height & a JP hand guard that is the old height . This rifle had a SI Defense upper on it that has the old rail height & I replaced it with a Tactical Machining 308 upper with the newer DPMS rail height . Confusing isn't the right word . To me , the old & new mean nothing , its cosmetic is all .




This is with the SI Defense upper on it .



  There are a bunch of manufacturers that make both format's out there , CMMG is just one of them.


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