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Bad guys better think twice these days


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when I managed the nightclub, one of my doorman trained and had a few fights under his belt. we booted some thugs right at shift change and they started a ruckus in the parking lot. I was about to run down when the day manager held me back and said "Tony has this". the doorman was smiling, and said "can I, boss?" the day manager says let them swing first. lol. we then sat back and watched him take three guys completely apart. was awesome. that kid had skills.

note, we knew there were no weapons because we did pat downs and wanding at the door when they came in and they hadn't gone to a car before the fighting started. had they come back we would have exercised proper caution.

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^^ my buddy Bennie never trained mma but he watched a poop ton of UFC like before that sheit was popular, he was also a hell of a wrestler. He and I broke up a few bar fights together watched him drop a few guys with out punching or kicking a single one of them also one of the nicest guys I know.

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