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Hello fron Texas


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I'm kind of new to shooting. I was in the Army but that was 30 years ago. Living where I did we could not easily acquire firearms of any kind. It was the country of New York, way up North. Now living in Texas I can buy all I can afford!!!!


Since I used the M16A1 in the Army that's what I know and that in my opinion is the best supported weapon in the world. This does not hold true for the .308/7.62mm version unfortunately, not yet that is. I'm sure over time companies will start making more and more parts as people find out how good the design and platform is for so many reasons. I just wish they would find a standardized size for all the parts. I see PSA has jumped into the pool, I sure hope more do. 


Right now I am in the process of buying as many quality guns & ammo as I can. In the future an AR10/XM10 rifle of some kind is on my list. I have no need for a $2000 rifle though. I do not hunt, I'm not a sniper and I am not a tacticool dude. I go to the range and expend large qualities of ammo. That's the most fun I ever had....for some reason I love it.


So what I'd like to do is watch how the platform is developing and eventually buy one or two of them. I'd rather build one from parts than buy a less expensive entry version or a more expensive high-end version, I'm more of a middle of the road guy. I don't want to buy a high-end gun only to spend a few hundred dollars on upgrades. I have no problem with parts guns, this design just screams out for them. But the M16/AR15/M4 is so standard that parts guns can be great guns. I'm hoping in time this will be so for the .308 version.

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Welcome from AZ brother. 


I love this platform but the trouble is there is not .mil spec unlike its little brother so there is no guarantee everything is plug and play.  But this is the right place to get it all sorted out for sure and a great crew here too.


Having just finished my first .308 build with this platform, all I can say is research research research, and when you think you've done enough research.... you need to triple your effort...  Getting it right the first time is a satisfying feeling for sure and just about anything you want to know is buried somewhere in this board. <thumbsup>

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Everybody says get a M1A1 but since I did not use the M14 I am more familiar with the AR and feel more comfortable with it. I really like the look of the Bushmaster XM10 Magpul version. It has the military battle rifle look. It's also about ergonomics with me. Short arms, arthritic hands, bad back and so on. It will just be a range toy pretty much.

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Welcome aboard, I just joined myself today too. 


I have one of the DPMS GEN2 .308's, and I like it a lot, but as mentioned elsewhere here it doesn't have much aftermarket support yet.  Mine is a MAGPUL MOE variant so at least for it there are Magpul stocks, handgrips, and front handguards available for them.  My biggest disappointment so far, being left handed, is that there are no ambidextrous charging handles available for it.  The bolt carrier group is a completely different design as well, specific to the Gen2 family.  I will say it does a great job ejecting spent brass with the dual ejector pins on the bolt face.


I still may move to the 308 Ruger  with the gas piston setup, it seems to have been really well received so far.

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