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I'm building a 6.8 SPC ll


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That is unless y'all can convince me to choose another caliber?


The facts: I have a JD Machine ar-15 upper & lower in route, I have a great trigger thanks to Shibi. I won't be shooting sub-sonic.

The needs: I need a small handy lightweight AR for hunting deer & hogs out to 400 yards.

I need quality factory ammo, I don't reload.  It must be reliable >Concerned about mag issues...

The wants: I want a relatively flat trajectory and must shoot sub moa at 100 yards, 16"-18" med/heavy match SS barrel w/1-11 twist.


I would love to have that LWRC 68 receiver set but I don't want another proprietary weapon, at least not for this build.(my first build)


I've looked at the ballistics for the 6.8SPC, 300 BLK & 7.62 x 39 , the 6.8SPC wins hands down, the only caliber that impressed me more was the Remington 30 AR, it's too bad that it flopped.

Are there any other calibers that I should be considering? If not then what mags are known to function best with the 6.8SPC?

Ive looked at the following barrels but I have no experience with any of these mfg's, any suggestions?









Before y'all bust my balls the budget is anything that I can hide from the wife, and i'm a sneaky fuker >:D



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Blacksheep Man I was sleeping and I woke up at 230am feeling that a 6.8 was being considered by someone...come into the office and there you are....was it a dream or was it real? well its real....ive got four of those bad boys.....the load is smokin in a 16" barrel....shot that hog this spring with it...it never moved drt...but it was shot in the eye too haha.....I cant mention the barrel maker cause he's persona non grata here,,,but his barrels in 6.8 are his masterpieces. the 6.8's are now being offered in a lot of different loads.

the 95 grain ttsx is a killer round and uses the full potential of the 16" barrel.....wilson combat loads this round to full potential too!

next week deer season starts and Char is gonna shoot a buck with her 6.8 using that round or the 120gr sst....crap...now i gotta go crack open a corona lite to calm down and go back to sleep..... pm me for barrel makers name but bison is great and so is whiteoak....no need for 18" Char shoots moa out to 500 with her 16 incher...just make sure the chamber is spc2,so you can shoot tac loads (hot)...no kick no muzzle rise with a 6.8

I know someone that dropped an elk at 370 with a 6.8...not too shabby ...the word on the 6.8 round is that it will perform 80% of a 308 out to 300yds sweet dreams :) Wash Oh....every mag of every make that we have works perfect...no probs with mags....barrett,stoner,asc

Yes Tom ive got a lil woodie going on too talkin bout the 6.8......lemme go wake up Char <hump> ....on the other hand...maybe not


Edited by washguy
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Ditto on what Wash said !

I have 4 - 6.8spc's , one 16" and three 24"AR's.

If you can get an 18" or 20" barrel get it ! Mid length gas.

6.8spcII chamber is a plus.

PRI mag are great ! Longer rounds fit in there mags.

Ammo came back to earth $19.99 to $ 26.99 for a box of 20.

68 forum has all the info.

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You gotta have four 6.8's...one for each season....two 16" and two 18"



ooops my bad....Char's fde tack driving gonna be deerslayer is an 18"

my fav is the top rifle with the midwest ss handguard,its the lightest....thats what im taking as a back up for the 308's......so are the ranchers at the place gonna laff at us when we roll up and unpack 4 ar's to hunt with?

Edited by washguy
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I wish I had y'all's money. I am intrigued by the 6.8, but I talk myself out of it every time I consider there are few things I can't already do with my 5.56 or .308 rifles.


If I had plenty $$ I'd buy this http://www.onpointsupply.com/cart.php?target=product&product_id=85054   :love4:


I currently own (1) AR , it's a LWRC REPR w/20" barrel and it's freakin awesome EXCEPT for hunting, it's just too damned heavy for me to comfortably pack. I have no real use for a varmint caliber AR so the 6.8 SPC makes perfect sense for my needs.

Yes I could build a lite weight 308 but I just want something different. Dammit, the more I look at that LWRC Six8 receiver set the more I want it! :drool:


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He's already got the 20" rifle Wash, all he needs is to swap uppers, done

I could be wrong but from what I understand the LWRC Six8 receivers will not mate with their .308 REPR receivers,they're 100% proprietary.


Oh okay....didnt know..thats a plan!  :) Wash

Not the plan, I have a set of JD Machine AR-15/multi caliber receivers at the FFL wait for me to pick up next week <thumbsup>

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Tell me this doesn't sound AWESOME. ..

The (LWRCi) Six8 is a derivative of the M6 series with variants conforming to the M6A2, M6A2 SPR and PSD but engineered specifically around the 6.8x43 mm SPCII round. LWRCI partnered with ATK and Magpul to develop the Six8 to fulfill a large overseas military contract {with British Special Forces.[citation needed] ATK developed the contract ammunition, a 90 grain Gold Dot round optimized for short barreled rifles. Magpul created a larger variation of their PMAG Magazine, called the "Black Widow" with a blood red follower for the 6.8 mm round. The upper and lower receivers are developed specifically to fit this Magpul magazine and optimized around the 6.8x43 mm round. The flagship model of the Six8 series is the UCIW which features an 8.5 inch barrel. The A2 and SPR variations feature longer barrel lengths including 12.7 inches, 14.7 inches and 16.1 inches. Weapons of this series come standard with Magpul MOE pistol grips, and LWRCI proprietary compact stocks and iron sights.

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