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  1. Oh please, hanging out with you guys is like being at a tourette's convention only the people aren't as polite....
  2. That's a negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.
  3. I work 2nd shift too, hopefully not for much longer.
  4. I'll pick some up and give it a try. I don't doubt it's merit. It's been a while and Hornady has made some changes since I eliminated them from the MA TEN's diet. I got nothing against Hornady though, BLACK is all that the Mk12 will eat. I want to try some FGMM 185 Juggernaut too.
  5. I mean getting subsonic rounds to cycle the BCG reliably in barrels of "standard" lengths and gas systems. It's just more practical to build a rifle configured for supersonic rounds and accept that you'll have to hand-cycle subs. Making subs function reliably essentially forfeits the ability to operate on supersonic rounds in a prudent fashion, you end up with a gun that the only thing it does well is cycle subs
  6. In terms of my brain power, that's a high compliment to you... I don't understand the nature of your complaint! 😛
  7. 18.5" as stated above. You can run subs in pretty much any configuration, but you'll put an insane amount of effort into a build that will function in semi-auto running subs. Just a heads up. Not saying you can't do it, just be prepared for what it will cost versus what it will ultimately do. Here's my barrel, albeit now made by Criterion. https://www.fulton-armory.com/barrelfatitan185nmmedss1x10936gasblock.aspx
  8. Subsonic ammo being fairly available for 308? Absolutely. I can think of 6-8 manufacturers off-hand. Ammo, like the rifle you want to be built, is purpose driven. You'll either have to design it to achieve your intended purpose(s), or pay the inherent cost of something ready-made to do so. I shoot nothing but premier match ammo in my guns, so for me, everything else is pretty much dirt cheap in relative terms.
  9. Trail Boss is pretty common, gives you the volume for reliable ignition, but slow enough to stay >1100 FPS. I don't know what Defender uses, but I can confirm it's remarkably quiet through the Ops Inc 12th.
  10. Everything I know about anything was learned from @98Z5V so forgive me if anything turns out to be spotty info.
  11. Pricey is relative. How affordable is "cheap" subsonic ammo for 308? If you're comparing the cost to supersonic ammo, it's really kind of an apples to oranges comparison. Still, mine was obtained at about $1/round, about the same as good match ammo. Not much details to give, 175 SMK that runs 1050 FPS and exactly 10 MOA difference between supersonic and subsonic zero @ 100 yards.
  12. I told you about the range session with new subsonic stuff weeks ago...
  13. I've been using subs from Defender, and they're fantastic!
  14. Glad to have you on board! Tool and Die Maker here from the Piedmont, in between Hickory and Charlotte. Welcome to the forum!
  15. Once the piss has been poured out, it's ammunition! (Can Cannon)
  16. Yes sir! I hope my irreverence is not mistaken for disrespect.
  17. *Note to self, @Radioactive is old but he's not slow*
  18. That's the best part about being slightly younger than the rest of you, is that as long as you're alive that will continue to be the case. Don't worry, I won't let you geezers forget it either.
  19. Old-timers are getting soft on me... I guess I'll have to let 'em get their hard-earned rest while I bust balls by myself.
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