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  1. You can say that again. I know full well exactly how hard it is to shoot through a scope.
  2. The No-Go is the important one anyways, so that's great news.
  3. You're very welcome brother, happy to help you any way I can.
  4. I'm of the opinion that the only way a magazine can affect your group is by feeding badly enough to mangle your round somehow. Gas guns are extremely unforgiving in terms of the fundamentals of accuracy from a technique standpoint. Slight errors will produce profound changes in your POI, that's the nature of the beast. It's also one of the main reasons I love this platform so much, it absolutely will make a shooter out of you if you commit to it.
  5. Sorry if I came across as being a dick, but there's a lot that rides on the quality of the gauges in question. In this case, I'd recommend that you buy the gauges with the best reputation and let cost considerations be balanced out by what your well-being is worth to you. The Clymer or Forster sets are both good and worth spending $60 on. Here's a link to a $60 set: https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/measuring-tools/headspace-gauges/go-no-go-gauge-sets-prod26876.aspx
  6. In terms of comparison to your hospital bills when your gun blows up on you, how much is affordable?
  7. Prescribe him some caramel Jameson for the whiplash, he's on his own for the rest.
  8. Well, the finger problem is solved... He's still gotta overcome the whiplash and sprained nuts.
  9. "And for my next trick, I'm going to thread the needle in this sewing machine, blindfolded... While it's running...."
  10. That's exactly right. Terminator knocked up the Energizer Bunny and out popped Ron, the world has never been the same since.
  11. You're more than capable, I've witnessed your firepower skills first-hand. Besides, Tom thinks he's straddled some fast machines, but he and Greg and Rob all three will be treating themselves for whiplash and sprained testicles when they ride the Sugar Cane fueled rocket.
  12. ROFL... That's right, gotta hedge those bets brother. Can't ever be too safe!
  13. It's actually a pistol I wanted to buy 15 years ago, ended up letting my little sister have it instead. She fell on hard times and I ended up getting it from my Dad. It's a Ruger P89 stainless.
  14. Ya'll can start a fire and watch as I carry Rob, Greg, and Tom downrange at a full sprint to put it out.
  15. I got my first metric pistol the other day brother, the first I've ever owned that's not a .45 ACP.
  16. Yeah, more or less, and certainly not with any malicious intent. I'm merely admitting that by the given definition, I'm a slut. I'm not saying there's any shame in me being a slut, I think I'm making being a slut look good. Kardashians eat your hearts out...
  17. You did brother... If that shoe doesn't fit me, I don't know what does.
  18. So, Ron's a whore and I'm a slut... What a fine pair we make @Rsquared. But, on the other hand.... Aw, who am I kidding, we all know there's lotion in the other hand.
  19. You got this bro, easy peasy. You've got some good long distance ranges out your way, when you get your boomstick built we can take it out for it's inaugural run and surprise you at what you AND it are capable of doing.
  20. Since turning to alcohol is out of the question, I have to resort to strange coping mechanisms. Workaholism, if you will...
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