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How you all doing?


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I follow the page on Facebook and see the posts often, but it never seems like there is enough time in the day to actually make it over here. 


I was talking guns with a buddy at work the other night and then it dawned on me that I'd been working on/had my build going for almost 2 years now.  I thought to myself, "crap, I need to get back on 308AR.com and check in!"


What have I done with it since then?  Nothing!  So I figure for Christmas I'll buy myself my trigger.  I'm getting ready to order my pistol grip.  Then I'll be ordering my buffer, buffer tube and spring followed by the butt stock. 


Not a lot new here, I retired from the Corps this summer and then started my new job.  It takes more of my time than the Corps ever did and is almost worse than being deployed.  I told the wife that and thought she was going to knock the crap out of me...LOL!  Not really, well kind of...


Once I got settled in to the new job I went back to school full time and am in the process of finishing up my degree. 


After the first of the year I begin blacksmith school and I can't wait for that! 


After entering the civilian work world I've decided that I need to be my own boss and I'm trying to convince the wife to move back to the Mid-West and let me start a Buffalo Ranch.  She's thinks I'm crazy, but doesn't understand how serious I am! 


Hope you all have been well...back to doing homework! 

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Don't neglect the demand for Beeffalo as well...

Welcome back


I've considered the Beefalo, but have been giving more consideration to Yak's.  You can breed them with Buffalo, eat them, and their undercoat ("Yakmere") will bring a pretty penny.  Going rate is 4-5 bucks an ounce.  


Welcome back brother!


Thank you 392!


I recognize your picture:) welcome back!!

Where bout the mid west you thinking


Shepp - Thank you!  All my family is in KS, the wife has family in NW Arkansas, and land seems to be a lot cheaper in Southern Missouri. Plus their taxes (MO's) are pretty damn low too.  More importantly I gotta find a job to help with the transistion until I can get up running.  All that said not sure, OK wouldn't be to bad, and I tried to get her to move to TX right after I retired (had a job offer out there), but she wasn't having it at the time.  


Welcome back and thank you for your service.  For that, you deserve to be able to raise buffalo if you want to.  I can't say your wife will agree, but you've got my vote (for what ever that's worth). 

Good luck with school.  It can be a bitch if you've been out for a while.


My pleasure Doc!  You're right about school, I got my AA in '04 and had not been in a class since then.  Carrying a 4.0 GPA right now (for what it's worth and the time being), but I'm starting to fall a little behind o.O  The wife got pissed today and told me if moving back home and raising buffalo is what would make me happy then let's go.  It was out of anger; I'm sure if I said, "pack your sh!t in the morning we're going" her tune would change a little. 


Damn glad to see you back, brother!  Did you get her that pistol yet?...  <dontknow> >:D


98 - Thanks man...good to be back.  Not yet on the pistol and there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about it.  I'm one of those guys you hear about on the news that got the call (e.g. pink slip), while in a combat zone, and was told, "you're going to home to get out/retire!" I mean for f#$k's sake I was only there just over a month. I'm a bitter mofo right and it blew our plans apart, it happened to me and 3 of my good buddies.  Another story for another time.  I can say whole heartedly and honestly I was 100% eligible to re-enlist and finish my last 3 years (to get my full 20), but Uncle Sam said, "no thanks, we'll let you retire early". I test for the Border Patrol here soon and will hopefully be able to serve our Country on another front!     


It's about time you got your sorry ass back here. Glad to see you back dude.


Try to stay more updated.......................it's just proper etiquette ya know. <laughs>


as you were..................................


Thanks R....proper etiquette?!?!?  Is that stuff around here, somewhere :D

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