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I recently took the task of modifying a family members AK... it's a Century C39v1 to be exact.

The new "American AK" has a milled receiver, and while it looks the part, it has a few compatability issues with the legendary AK47.

I first modified it to have a top rail... easy and done.

Next was to replace the handguard. This was a little difficult and required some permanent modification to the rifle.... so fuckin what, it ain't my rifle... done!

Last is the stock... fuckme fuckme fuckme... OK, this is where the milled receiver is VASTLY different than the stamped receiver. The AK stock will NOT fit as it is.... dilema:

1. Scrap the whole plan and change stocks.


2. Drill/cut the receiver to accept the stock. (Stock will require some fitting as well)

The option for alternative stocks is very expensive. The option to permanently modify the receiver may make me the 1st and only person (so far as I can find online) so make this modification on a C39v1.


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Local AK guru has been complaining a lot about those new century guns. Seems like he just scraps them down to bare receivers and rebuilds them ground up.

I took it out already, pre-molestation, and shot the shiit outta it. It ran fine on steel communist ammo. Even the corrosive stuff.

My cousin wants it to look more "modern" without turning it into another AK with AR parts.

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So do I;

A. Heavily modify the milled receiver, removing a significant amount of metal, and keeping the stock as near to original as possible.

B. HEAVILY butcher/modify the stock to fit the receiver and try to get by with drilling a few hidden holes in the receiver.

I'm feeling B... neither are reversible.

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I'm headed to the store today to buy a new bolt. The way I have this stock setup, I want a thicker bolt holding it in. It's supposed to have three bolts, and I can only get two. I don't think there's enough "meat" to drill the third hole....

Getting closer!

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