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New ArmaLite Website

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Well bad news.

I called Armalite today and asked about lots of the missing items on the site and they said that some of them will probably be added back, but many aren't going to be available as standalone parts anymore. The rep was fairly confident the AR-10 action spring (EA1095) would be added back, and probably the 2-stage triggers, but said overall that they were shifting their focus to becoming more of a complete gun manufacturer and less of a parts supplier.

He also said lots of the tech notes and the exploded diagrams (with part #s) wouldn't be available anymore... They were such a great reference.

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I have a bunch of them, and there are still copies floating around the www - they can still be pulled down.  Just search for a specific tech note (by number), and you'll find it.  If you can't, I'll search for it and find it somewhere out there.  <thumbsup>


Most of those tech notes were written by, and are the intellectual property of, Pat Raley, the former Primary Armorer for them... 


Miss ya, Pat.  You should check in once in awhile, brother.    :happydrunks:

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I talk to Pat still... he's still a little sour with Armalite

Can't blame him. I kick myself now, I was going to order two of the AR10 spare parts kits Pat put together a couple of years ago before I went in for surgery. I didn't and now I'm hosed.

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Yep...im an old phucker...used to go over to lone star's warehouse  in Ft worth..or kinda near there...he had the good stuff back in the day...and at gun shows he had bins full of ar parts all sorted out...you could buy all the stuff you needed right in one spot   :) Wash

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sorry I've been gone so long... it is a good feeling to know you were missed. It really does make one feel better.


As for the Tech notes, I still have copies of them and would be more than willing to put a library / list together of all the ArmaLite Tech notes by number and title for everybody's reference needs.  

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