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Boycott X-Products!

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From the Military Arms Channel;

militaryarmsThe owner of @xproducts recently went on an anti-gun rant again, which he pulled from public view once again, but is captured for posterity on my Military Arms Facebook page. Not only did James Malarkey say our 2A Rights are a “privilege” but his wife raises money for @everytown, the rabidly anti-gun Bloomberg group. She so sweetly asked for her birthday present to be a donation to this anti-liberty socialist organization. Meanwhile James makes anti-gun rants and profits from our community. His profiteering from our community needs to stop. If we by X-Products products, we are financing those who would disarm us. Spread the news, X-Products needs to be shunned and boycotted. I’ll never mention their products again. ?

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I'm not on Instagram, so I don't know how it works...

But I found this on Soldier Systems:


From that article, here are Mr. Malarkey's Facebook rants:



Also, here's his wife's Facebook post re: Everytown (again, from the Soldier Systems article):


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That fucker went on to say that the Clinton AWB worked, because there were only 2 mass shootings during that timeframe...

I'm not going to run out there and sell my Can Cannon - but I wouldn't buy another one, and won't buy a 7.62 version of it.  Hopefully, some stand-up company will make some cool devices for it.  Fuk, I liked that grappling hook.

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Just now, 98Z5V said:

I'm not disappointed in Recoil - they've been through this before.  I think it was Issue #2, that CEO was put out on his a$s, and Ian Harrison took over...   :thumbup:

That is why even giving the man a platform surprised me. This is not the first time he has been down this road himself, everyone can have a bad day, this guy is consistent.

  I hope Ian will clarify his thinking on this.........

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Apparently there are a few other owners and the buyout is underway.  How on earth do you even place a value on a sinking ship though?  People are irrate about the original statements and major companies already pulled out of selling their products.  Seems that they'll have a tough time recovering if it's even possible.  I'd start thinking about selling off all those machines right about now.  I can't get over bashing your own customer base....moronic! 

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