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GWLA M14 build


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3 hours ago, survivalshop said:

The price wasn't so sweet , anyone complaining about a 308AR price needs to price one of these . I can build or buy a complete 308AR for what I paid for just the Receiver. 

I priced it. Holy Yikes!

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7 hours ago, edgecrusher said:

Now I want one...... sumbitch!

Contact Shooters Den

Shooters Den business hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm Pacific Time. If we are unable to answer the phone, please leave a message on the answering machine with a number to call you back. We do return calls. Please keep in mind that we are a west coast home based business. There is a three hour difference, earlier than Eastern Time. 

Phone: 541-899-8109

E-mail: ted@tedbrownrifles.com

Address: Shooters Den, 7025 Whitewater Dr., Jacksonville, OR 97530



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14 minutes ago, Robocop1051 said:

Is there an online CAD file for the M14 receiver? This might be a fun endeavor. 


12 minutes ago, edgecrusher said:

I want me a Crom m14!!!!

Fuk me, here we go...   :lmao:

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Gotta say that shooting my Springfield M1A is really relaxing and enjoyable. I think it is a link to my fascination with them as a kid in the 1950’s. I like my AR10’s as well, but they have a totally different feel to them.

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1 hour ago, Robocop1051 said:

Is there an online CAD file for the M14 receiver? This might be a fun endeavor. 

Pretty sure the US Military drawings are archived some where on line .

Good luck , because these Receivers are not like an AR , need specific tooling to make them & its not cheap to Forge anything . Some Manufacturers make them from Billet Steel ( Smith Enterprises ) Some make them from investment casting ( Springfield Armory Inc. ) The specialized Tooling will cost an arm & a leg & then find someone that knows how to use it .Much cheaper to purchase a Bula Forged Receiver , Futon Armory or a SEI & go from there .

You have till midnight to get in on a Bula deal for the fourth !

Happy 4th of July from Bula Defense! We are pleased to announce our best sale ever and look forward to your business!

Forged Receiver XM21 or M14 $495
Forged Receiver M21DMR $595
-Includes Scope Mount
Barreled Receiver 7.62MM XM21 or M14 $695 
Barreled Receiver 7.62MM M21DMR $795
-Choice of 19.25” or 22” Modified GI profile or NM profile
-Includes new forged bolt with roller installed and headspaced
Barreled Receiver 6.5 Creedmoor 22” NM profile barrel and bolt
-M14 or XM21 $795
-M21DMR $895
-New forged bolt with roller installed and headspaced
Left Handed M14 NOW AVAILABLE! 
-Introductory Priced $100 off @ $1,595 (www.Classic 
M21DMR Complete Rifle now available!
-Introductory priced @ $1595 (www.ClassicFirearms.com)
-Includes scope mount and iron sights
-Standard service rifle with the M21DMR forged receiver with rail
-100% Carbon Fiber CBR bare chassis $495
-Chassis includes lower, handguard, front ferrule and fasteners. It will 
require a buffer tube, butt stock and pistol grip to be complete. 
M14 Parts kit $595
-Includes all parts required to finish your barreled receiver build minus 
the stock
-List parts
-XM21 parts kit $495
-Includes all parts from the M14 kit minus the rear sight, front sight, 
flash hider assembly and clip guide
To order please call Pam at 216-252-7600. We will be taking calls from 8:00AM through 4:00PM EST, Monday through Friday



And Gun Works of Louisiana is probably out of business because they are not cheap to make or have a big sales volume .

Edited by survivalshop
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  • 4 weeks later...

Just picked up a Walnut pre-Boyds SAI Stock with out the selector cut , I didn't want the Cut in the Stock , after all its not select fire , it will be in the mail today , picked up NOS Flash suppressor/w Sight  , Gas Piston & some tools , for this build . I will post photo's when the Stock gets here .

I'm looking into Barrels now .

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7 hours ago, survivalshop said:

 & some tools , for this build .

Don't forget - Battle Arms Development made their start with M14 tools.  :thumbup:

Copy and paste this directly into your web browser:      www.m14tools.com

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