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Slutty M-15 National Match from eBay


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This M-15 NM build turns out to be a slut, she goes all the way on the first date, no messing around just straight to the good stuff! 5 rounds to a 100 yard zero, might need a couple more clicks left but I will wait for less wind and fresher eyes to do more adjusting. Basic .223 ammo, Norma TAC 223 55 grain FMJ. She put out a 1 inch, 5 round group at 100 yards third try, the other 4 groups were all under two inches for about a 1.5 MOA average, and we've only known each other 5 days, this bitch is easy! Looking forward to getting a pair of young eyes on it and some match ammo to see what it might do. Now the sweetest part is I have less than $500 in it. I know eBay is a dirty word for many but most of this rifle was gathered up there. Armalite National Match upper minus handguards and front post was $260(real deal Armalite with number on the take down pin lug), bought the stock, 3 sets of handguards, grip, and buffer system for $30 a few years back, robbed a front sight post from an Armalite sight that cost me $30. Parts not from eBay are a MBT trigger at $95 and an Aero Gen II lower and parts kit for $75, finish matched the Armalite upper nearly perfect and the pins are so tight I have to use a small hammer and plastic punch to get the take down pin started back out, not even a hint of wiggle. It doesn't seem to like the Magpul mag though, doesn't lock back every time, mag fits very tight, couple of failure to feeds early in ten round strings, going to get a standard 20 round metal mag and see what that does. I had given some thought to parting out the upper but I think I better leave it together with those groups, that and Dad fit the handguards to the NM tube so it has sentimental value now.


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So my dumb arse was actually contemplating taking the upper apart to see what the twist was....as I stare at a cleaning rod, masking tape, and tape measure. Looks like it is a 1-9, I keep getting a turn in 8 3/4 inches. Looks like I can narrow ammo selection to the lighter stuff, can't wait to try some of that 40 grain shoots like a laser stuff. ?

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My Pre Ban Colt HBAR Match is still one of my best rifles. It is in the “no sell section of the safe. Did switch it over to a flat top reciever as my eyes got older. Have a 1x6 lighted recticle with a back flip up BUIS. And the original front sight. Added a nice sharp single stage trigger. Blue has the original upper reciever

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