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Fire Starting Christmas Class


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Tried to run a little fire starting class at Christmas this year. Only two of the boys wanted to go outside and try it. I showed them it is possible then went through the basics like get your materials prepared before you strike the spark, find or create a dry surface, wind direction, etc. Then explained the items in my kit, Ferro rod, striker, starter tabs with wax jute, fatwood kindling, wire saw, exacto blade, compass, and an emergency card. I told them if they can start a fire then I will give them a kit, both nailed it pretty easy, couple of mothers were not real happy but then they will have to get over it. I have a feeling next year class enrollment will be a bit higher judging by all the examinations of the kit that went on later.


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Nice thing to do for any boy! Keep doing it!


Back in the olden days I was a Boy Scout and spent a lot of time being outdoorsmen, we learned how to start  a fire several ways. The Boy Scout Handbook (The Handbook for Boys)  had a lot of info about starting camp fires. But, that was during the time boys were being boys and girls were being girls.

Did you know that you can download several editions of  "The Handbook for Boys" on Amazon?

I have the electronic Editions for 1911, 1951 and the current one for 2016.

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16 minutes ago, suzukiray said:

I always keep a zip lock bag full of dryer lint just for starting fires.

Try making some paraffin soaked cotton rolls with jute twine woven in, the jute starts real easy and the paraffin soaked cotton burns a good while giving a nice long window to get something going plus it is waterproof, you can take a tab out of a cup of water, fluff the jute and it will start and burn right away. Here is a link with pictures of the rolls Jacob sells;



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