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Super duper BCG


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55 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

Different animal, low mass is for a race gun not the all in for reliability of the Surefire. You could drop the Surefire in any standard AR and increase reliability, to a point, It's made for working weapons. The low mass stuff requires adjustable gas blocks and special spring and buffer system to be reliable, and even then I wouldn't use them for a duty type weapon.

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14 hours ago, mineralman55 said:

Isn't there a "rule" about this...:bitchslap:

What SS did was a "product announcement..."  He didn't ask anyone if they had one - he knew what he was doing...  :thumbup:

Surefire announced this awhile ago.  https://www.surefire.com/optimized-bolt-carrier-group-556mm.html


Invented by Jim Sullivan, one of the original designers of the M16, the SureFire Optimized Bolt Carrier (OBC) is designed to improve the functionality of an M4/M16/AR variant weapon system during both unsuppressed and suppressed firing. This patented design makes numerous improvements to the standard Mil-Spec full-auto bolt carrier group which allows more time for reliable feeding of ammunition from the magazine, nearly eliminating bolt-over-base malfunctions. The OBC also delays unlocking of the bolt during the firing sequence, which allows expanding gases more time to exit the bore, in turn reducing back-pressure gases exiting the upper receiver group. Additionally, the neutrally balanced counterweight improves carrier and barrel extension lock-up, nearly eliminating bolt bounce. The OBC also reduces felt recoil, allowing for better tracking of sights and more control of the weapon when firing. Coated with an advanced anti-friction coating, the OBC resists friction during use and makes cleaning easy. For the ultimate in reliability, choose the SureFire OBC.

This is the same principle as adding a heavy buffer - or heavier buffer - Surefire just put the weight in the BCG body.  Pistol Caliber Carbine BCGs have been doing this for years.  When Surefire announced this, it's the exact information that I want to use as an example for a certain "budget .308AR manufacturer" as to why their buffer weight is all fucked up...   They (fanbois included) want to argue with me about it - then I'll just direct them towards Surefire, so they can tell Surefire how fucked up they are, in their own feeble-mind logic. 

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