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Trapping Armadillos

Belt Fed

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I have a serious problem with em, They have taken over a house trailer I own. it is covered in cypress and the boards go to the ground. they have busted water lines. I spent two full days crawling in the mud under a trailer with about two foot clearing replacing pex lines and fittings. it was a nightmare. They won't come out until night and you never know when that is. my dog hates em and lets me know when they are moving. 

I was completely not prepared for the armored suckers. So I stayed there and let the dog tell me when they were moving, sometimes 10 at night and sometimes three in the morning. all I had was a 177 cal pellet gun with me. I shot one twice and it still ran off. so the dog and me spent a few nights hunting them. I did have an AR15 with me but that was out of the question to use. I finally figured out I was not prepared for this battle.

after I fixed all the water lines I came home and when I go back I will be ready. going to take a 22 revolver with  22 short ammo. Went and got a trap this morning, going to slide it under the house through a door I made to get under the trailer. Now I just need to find out what to bait em with. The war has begun.




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3 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

I hate armadillos.  Badly.  

I think that armadillos are too damn dumb and blind to be trapped, I use a 20 Ga Franchi with a attached flash light to kill them.  They have caused me several nights of sleep watching for them, I wish that they liked Sardines. It seems that they prefer grub worms.

I have tried to poison them and trap them and only killed a couple of terrapins and caught a couple of neighbors cats, which I did rescue.

I now have a partner in crime  that has made a project out of Re-Locating undesirable stray cats.  after he catches them he uses an old .22 B.A Stevens with .22 shorts and sends them to catnip tomorrow land. I supply him with sardines and Ammo.

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I can't shoot at them, too many neighbors around. I don't know what i'm going to use for bait. I've read all kinds of stuff, one guy was trapping them with peanut butter on bread. I can remember never seeing an Armadillo here. now they are plentiful.

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try getting sent home from work due to skunks smell on my clothes, family under the house.. back in the rental days of my youth, i had a family of skunks and the babies would fight and spray .. for months i set traps and stayed up all nights of the week while working construction.. it ran me ragged but i had two bbguns in hand and didn't give 2fucks what the neighbors said. treble hooks and hot wires (115 volt) didn't stop them. I finally moved.  Forward 25 years I have a ruger mark4 with a nice CAN that handles critters in the neighborhood! shhh! moles get shot in the front yard with cars driving by. No noise makes the difference.🍻👍

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7 hours ago, shooterrex said:

That white one catches grown deer. Skunks ,coons,yotes etc dont stand a chance Great pyreness make good stock protection dogs. We also have a female almost as big. I have to lock them in the barn to coyote hunt.


I have a Lab/ Great Pyrenees  mix. He's very timid around us but when something or someone new comes around he's all business. 

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