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For length and contour, that depends on uses and range ypu plan on shooting it at, as well as personal preference. So what do you plan using it for more specifically than just hunting?

Here is a link that will help explain things a little better with stainless vs crome moly. It is a start on learning the different metals.


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Honestly, i have hunted in -30 degree weather with basically any type of barrel you can think of. The biggest difference i have noticed is stainless is easier to maintain. Also better accuracy, although my stainless barrels are of a higher quality so i cant say that is comparable. And these days it seems like most barrels are shooting sub 2 moa easily

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2 minutes ago, ARTrooper said:

Wow Tom, only putting in 2 cents? Usually it is a wealth of knowledge and we cant get you to shut up. :hornet:

I think what was mentioned was enough, man...   That barrel will do him proud, for what he wants and needs it to do - even at distance...  :banana:

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6 hours ago, iitiimothyii said:

I was going to use it to hunt deer and that's normally at 100 to 150 yards but I would love to do a sheep hunt one day and definitely some hog hunts. I would also be doing plenty of target shooting for fun

Wilson Combat 16" Ranger profile or Recon Tactical profile. Either one.   :thumbup: That will fit your bill, right there. 

Fuk is going on here, with you, @ARTrooper?... 

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Wilson Combat barrels on sale right now $50-$60 off.  Pick one and go. SOAB I had to go look and now I see the 6.5 Grendel on sale as well.  Dang they got me again those wallet drainers.  You would think we'd have a ''  The correct answers for the Mrs. ",  "  Ways to avoid the Dog House"  section.  Tim most of the folks mentioned have excellent quality barrels that will 'go' for many thousands of rounds and serve your interests well.  An 18" does give you a little more speed,  and a 16" has taken beaucoup deer.  Best of Luck.

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