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Built a sweet shooting AR308.  Thanks to the members here who have posted a wealth of knowledge, would not had the success I did without you.


* 5D 80% lower and matching upper

* Barrel is a Faxon Match Series, 20" heavy Flute, rifle length

* VG6 Gamma 762 Brake

* Odin Works BCG

* LaRue MBT-2S Trigger

* Aero Carbine Buffer Kit

* Expo Arms Heavy Buffer

* YH gas block

* Correct Rifle Length Tube!

* Vortex 4x12 Scope


This thing performed excellent right from the first round.  No problems chambering, ejecting, locking back on empty mag.  Not sure exactly where the spent cases were landing as the bench had a shield but looks like 2-3 'o clock.  Recoil is soft with almost no rise, basically straight back.  I have a VG6 brake on an AR15 that works just like that so I'm a fan of VG6 brakes.  I had some home rolled rounds, just guessed on the charge, took the middle road and loaded 50 rounds with 43 gr of IMR 4064.  I'm very impressed how clean this powder burns.  Ran those 50 through plus 20 factory loads and really didn't need to be cleaned.  

The target below is of the last 5 rounds, they're Sierra 168 gr Matchkings in front of 43 gr 4064.  I'm sure the flyers are me but overall not bad.  I think this will be a sub MOA rifle.


All in all, I am very happy camper!  



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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the nice comments about the rifle.  I really would not have been successful without the knowledge on this forum.  I had no idea parts were not standardized as an AR15 is, I had to order other parts to replace ones I had that would not have worked.  I had a good time putting this together, they're addictive!


I'm in the process of working up more loads, going to see how much I can tighten up the group.  Probably get to the range later this week depending on weather.

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