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Magpul PRS Gen 3 vs Luth-AR vs ?


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OK- so I'm planning to yank and store the factory buttstock on the AR10(T) and replace it with an adjustable buttstock.   I'm looking a the Magpul PRS Gen 3 and the Luth-AR MBA-1.   I've sent an e-mail off to Luth-AR to confirm that the MBA-1 is the right model for my AR 10.   

Question 1 - am I missing a competitor that I should be considering?   I don't want to do this a second time.  

Question 2 - I'm thinking about the stuff below - what am I missing?

  • The Luth-AR is about $60-$70 cheaper than the Magpul - but once you add the rail for a monopod for $35 that gap closes a bunch
  • The Luth-AR claims to be about 1/2 the weight of the Magpul.  I will be shooting this gun almost exclusively from a bench or a shooting mat (prone) and the gun is already so heavy that it'll never be something that I'm planning to lug through the mountains with me - so weight is not a real issue for me and in some ways heavier may actually be better (when taking friends / relatives shooting and letting them shoot this, the heavier it is the more fun it will be for folks newer to shooting).
  • Both appear to have the adjustability that I'm looking for and as near as I can tell both are well made. 
  • The Luth-AR comes from what "feels" like a smaller American company - no clue if that is true.  If it is I'd rather support them than the larger company (if all else is equal). 
  • I can find the Magpul in OD-green and the furniture on the rifle is OD Green so that is a plus.  I don't see that as an option with Luth-AR  If I end up having to get black I can live with it - I'm a "function over form" guy... 

Looking for experience and wisdom here... 

...and..... GO!   🙂

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I originally was looking at both you listed above. But since the original A2 Stock my AR10T came with was the perfect height for scope alignment, I opted for the Magpul fixed rifle stock. I'm extremely happy with it & the storage capacity. HUGE IMPROVEMENT over the A2 stock & only cost $65! A lot lighter than the PRS stock too. I did end up adding the thicker Magpul recoil pad ($15 I think)

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I have the Luth MBA-1 on my AR10T carbine. It works okay, but I needed to Dremel the cheekpiece front a bit to get proper clearance for the charging handle. Weight WAS a factor in my choice, as the 10T carbine is the same weight as the standard AR10 rifle, and is not so nose heavy as the 10T rifle, and I wanted to keep those handling characteristics. To be honest the original stock served me just as well.

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Luth is a small company that has been around for years. Their products are top shelf. I have not tried either of those stocks on my rifles. I have installed the Magpul 1 st gen PRS on several rifles for others. You should be well served by either. Green would match the rest of the rifle.

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Randy Luth used to own DPMS, and sold it to Remington, and started his own company - so, small company, yes...   and no. He's been in this business since 1986, and really is a pioneer in the Large Frame AR market, with the LR-308.  He knows what he's doing.

The PRS-3 is a heavy bitch - but heavy isn't your concern, and yes, the additional weight will help with recoil mitigation.  Also, the PRS-3 can mount to a rifle receiver extension, or a mil-spec carbine receiver extension.  The Luth can't do that.

The Luth is lighter, by half that weight.

Another option, and what I used on my .260 Rem, is the AB Arms Urban Sniper Stock.  Fully adjustable, goes on a carbine receiver extension, and had 2 inches of LOP adjustment once you mount it in place.  And it's even lighter than the Luth. 


I went with the optional buttpad for it, and it works great.  I'll never change that stock out.



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