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Newbie looking for advise on .308 build

Former 11H

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Hey guys, I want to stay in touch about my build. I just had a financial setback and had to spend $750 on an unexpected truck repair, so purchasing the router, mag well vise block, buffer assembly, barrel shroud, and stock will have to wait a while.

Speaking of stocks, I’ve been considering the Magpul PRS. I’d love to hear from anyone who knows of other fixed rifle stocks with adjustable LOP and cheek pad. It would be nice to check out all of my options before buying one. 

The jig from 5D finally arrived. It appears to be well engineered. 

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Don't sweat it, man - we'll still be here.  Do what you have to.

I have an original PRS, and it's one boat-anchor heavy MFer.  I like it for the build that I did.  If I was in the market for another one, I'd do the new-ish PRS-Lite.  Cuts out some big weight. On the .260, I used a carbine recoil system, and mounted the AB Arms Urban Sniper Stock.  Love that thing.  I'll be picking up another one soon.

I know you're going Rifle Recoil System - but for Carbine Recoil System, this is my new go-to. 


A*B Arms Urban Sniper Stock (USS) - General Discussion - 308AR.com Community

A*B Arms AR-15 Urban Sniper Stock - AR15Discounts

Now, I'm really, really wanting to try the new-ish B5 Systems Precision Stock...  which I'll probably do over the AB Arms unit.  I wanna try this one.  It weighs 20.65oz, which is pretty light, for all it does.  Again, collapsible stock setup.

We can change your recoil system, and still get it right for what you want to do...  Just gonna need a heavy buffer from Clint @ Heavybuffers.com...

Review: B5 Systems Precision Stock - The Armory Life

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  • 5 weeks later...

It’s been a while. I’ve made a little progress. I received my mag well vise block from Brownell’s via USPS last week and just placed the order for the 10oz. heavy buffer and spring from heavy buffers. I gave a shout out to your forum in his comments section. 
I haven’t done any machining or assembly yet. Too busy working and trying to keep my head above water. 
All of those stocks look sweet. I’ll check them out, seems I have plenty of time. That said, I’m still a little nervous with what the Washington crowd is trying to do and what affect, if any their efforts might have on the industry. 

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I reached out to B5 about that sweet looking stock. I told him I’m building an AR308, DPMS rifle with a 16” barrel and asked if the Precision Stock in “long” would fit on my build. Both the medium and long are listed on their site as for carbine length. I was thrilled to get a reply so quickly but his response confused me further. 
Thanks for reaching out.  So long as your rifle has a milspec receiver it will fit any of our stocks.
Our CPS is a great fit for a precision rifle. I'd recommend the Medium or Long depending on what position you put your stock in. Neither will clear the longer charging handle if fully collapsed. If using a side folding adapter get the long.
Do you have any thoughts on whether these stocks will work?
What is a side folding adapter?
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1 hour ago, Former 11H said:
Do you have any thoughts on whether these stocks will work?
What is a side folding adapter?

They'll work WELL.  I have one now, on a backup .260 Rem gun.  Here's the rundown on that Short, Medium, and Long stuff that they're talking about...

Found this out, on their length information:  The short/small with clear the M110 charging handle when fully collapsed.  The medium with clear the M4 charging handle when fully collapsed.  The long/large is designed for side-chargers and rifles equipped with side-folders like the LAW Tactical.  <<<Buuuut...  you can't charge the rifle with the LAW folder (folded), and the action won't cycle with the LAW folder (folded).   That large/long once doesn't make sense to me... 

I found that all out after I purchased the small - which I needed for the build I did.  I lucked out, guessed right, when I told my Gun Pusher to get that one for this gun. 

The stock will work VERY WELL - I love it already, and haven't even shot it yet.  It'll work.  :thumbup:  Once I get the scope I'm waiting for, I'll tell you all about it.  Here's the gun that I'm waiting for the scope, for:



Here's folding stock adaptor information, as they referenced. The LAW Tactical is the original.   I reviewed this thing when it first came out.


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Wow! I didn’t know the LAW folding doohickey existed. That’s pretty cool. It would be convenient for portability and storage, but I would be concerned about foreign objects getting inside and causing malfunctions. After all, which end do you set it down on?

The B5 stocks are BEAUTIFUL. As for the length, I think it has as much to do with the user’s build as it does with the rifle’s build. I am tall, slender and have long arms and a long neck. I also have a titanium plate, fusing two vertebrae, in my neck from a work accident in 2006. That reduces my neck movement a bit. I think the short stock is probably out. I’ll have to think about the medium vs. long. For normal use, I’d never shoot (or charge it) with the stock collapsed. That said, in a SHTF situation, I’d hate to be hung up by having forgotten to extend the stock. Not a likely scenario, but...
They will all allow the charging handle to be fully retracted when the stock is fully extended, right?
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4 hours ago, Former 11H said:

They will all allow the charging handle to be fully retracted when the stock is fully extended, right?

Indeed.  If the medium will still charge, fully collapsed, on the M4, then you'll be able to charge the .308AR when the medium is extended to shooting position.  I'm pretty sure you could do that on the Large as well, on a .308AR, but you'd probably need the stock at a certain minimum position to charge it.

I'll round up pics and try to determine measurements, and try to show what would clear.

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Hey guys, A quick update. I received my heavy buffer and spring from Clint at Heavy Buffers. Yup, it’s heavy. 
I also ordered the following from Aero Precision. Should have them next week. 

AR15/AR10 Rifle Buffer Tube


AR10 BREACH® Ambi Charging Handle w/ Small Lever - Black/OD Green

With a little luck, I might be able to order the 15” Atlas R One with M-Lok from Aero Precision next week too.

I’m thinking about going with OD Green for the shroud and stock to mix it up a little  The charging handle will match. I’ll replace the M2 black pistol grip with something better in OD Green down the road. Any recommendations?

Man, I’m getting close  I’m like a kid the night before Christmas every time something new arrives  

I still need to get the muzzle break adapter from Sig, for my can, shroud, and stock. Then I can pick up a router and get busy on the lower and start thinking about optics, sling, flip up iron sights, etc.

I have quite a few rifles that I could “borrow” some optics from to get me ready for deer season.

Does anyone know of who sells a 5 round .308 magazine? In VT, you are not allowed to use, or even have with you, any mag with a capacity of more than 5 rounds while hunting.You can’t modify a larger capacity mag to hold only 5 either, but that’s exactly what I’ll do if I can’t find one.

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I’m struggling to remember the site I got them from, but I bought 5 round PMAGs. They were cut down. They weren’t just a blocked 10 round. I’ll try to dig it up, but Google will probably find it faster than I will. 

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Thank you all for the mag input. Gun mag warehouse does have what I’m looking for. 
Almost there. 

My Breach charging handle and buffer tube arrived Wednesday and my M5 Atlas R-One handguard arrived Friday. The only thing left to buy to complete the basic rifle, is the stock and a couple of flip up sights. As this will be used for deer, I’ll probably take the scope from my .308 bolt rifle.

Now, I just have to find the time to start the build process. It’s gonna be fun!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Another update. Mid week, I bought the Magpul PRS stock and an ASC five round magazine for hunting, from a local FFL. I love how plush the butt pad is on the stock. Yes, it is “boat anchor heavy”, but I think I’m going to love it. 

I also just ordered the muzzle break from Sig for my can. According to their website, it is shipping FedEx. I heard that FedEx joined UPS in their BS no shipping firearms, parts,etc. policy so I’m hoping there won’t be any issues. 
A set of iron sights and I’ll have all of the basic rifle components.
That box is getting pretty heavy... I reckon she’s gonna be a beast.
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16 hours ago, Former 11H said:

 I heard that FedEx joined UPS in their BS no shipping firearms, parts,etc. policy so I’m hoping there won’t be any issues. 


When did you hear this?  When I left Fed Ex Express back in April of this year we were still delivering gun parts AND bullets.

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