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Let's See Those 1911's


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Here's my carry gun. I've been packing this one for over 15 years so it looks a little worse for wear, but I would still bet my life on it! After I bought it I added a Wilson hammer, Ed Brown grip safety & speed safety, longer trigger, better aftermarket sights, checkered the frontstrap 30 lpi, beveled the magwell and had it refinished in Black-T.


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These 3 are all competition guns I've built. The first one is the .45 I used when I first started shooting USPSA Limited. The second one is .40 S&W and I built it about 15 years ago to shoot in Limited, and I'm guessing it has had well over 50K rounds through it. The bottom one is a Para-Ordinance receiver with a Caspian slide gun in .40 S&W that I built from parts I had lying around and is a backup for the competition gun above it. I've had several other 1911 platform guns through the years that I don't even have pics of. My oldest son now has my Colt Govt. Model that was my duty gun for many years and my youngest has confiscated my Kimber Ultra II, claiming it's his now! :o




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I've been addicted to the 1911 platform since 1978 and I love building them. I just picked up a new S-V Infinity receiver but haven't decided what I'm going to build yet. Right now I'm just enjoying thinking about all the possibilities! Geez, I sound like some of the guys here when they pick an AR receiver just because it was a good deal! <lmao>

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Right now that's my "utility" pistol. Kind of a "everything" gun. She is mostly fed 230gr ball ammo from either 8rd Wilson mags or 10rd CMC mags. My regular duty piece is a Sig P226 in .40 cal and is soon to be replaced by this 1911. My regular carry is a Walther PPK/s .380

I shot this piece for a plain clothes (I have something to prove) training. I proved my point today... Although a rookie almost ruined the whole thing for me. He showed up with a Sig P238 (newer version of the Colt Mustang) with little to no experience in manipulating it. The Admin frowns on "Cocked and Locked" and I was trying to show them how someone who knows what he is doing can do work. He and I had a "talk" about single action auto's.

Gun broker shows these going $1600-$1800 used. The model with the full length rail has been discontinued for a few years. Now you can get the TRP or the Operator, but I don't think you can get both outside of their "Custom Shop". I got this from a friend who had it as a safe queen. He heard I was looking for something similar and made me an offer I couldn't pass up.

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