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what has been stealing me away from shooting


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I no-poop wish I could be there, brother.  Doing that would beat the poop out of roofing my buddy's house in 5 days, on a BIG house.  Starting Thursday, when I found out, and finishing the next Thursday, when we were done.  I lived in Northern VA, and he was in Cincinnatti...  yeah, drive time included. 

The chimney flashing was the real ass-kicker, afterwards...  <lmao> <laughs>

His estimate for his roof was something like $15k, which led me to telling him not to do it.  We did the job for around $5k.  It cost him ALOT of money in beer, though, and I don't think that was included on the cost-offset...  <dontknow>  He still saved, and no one fell off that steep-ass pitched roof... somehow...  :happydrunks:

I have pics of this poop somewhere...

Wish I was in your backyard, Greg...  <thumbsup>

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Do not listen to them about a pool.

Do not let your family see anything about a pool until the bobcat is returned and the landscaping is done.

On one of the other forums I visit there are page after page of nothing but complaints about how much work maintaining a pool is, which takes time away from shooting and reloading.

A fishing pond would be much less work to maintain, but also a breeding place for mosquitoes.

Where I live West Nile virus is a real problem.

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The house I have now and the one before this one both HAD pools. I filled them both in with dirt after jackhammering the tops of the walls off. When my son got out of the Border Patrol academy he signed a 6 month lease on a house with a pool and when the lease was up he moved out. He said he would never again have a pool!

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I nominate a Koi pond. I built one & it was beautiful and had waterfalls and plants. Not too much maintenance with the right filtration & you love the Koi. The waterfalls are very therapeutic sitting there with a cold beer when you want to relax. Sadly I had to move from that property.

nice job on the landscaping....  <thumbsup>

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If I had those large Koi in the backyard, I don't think I could resist the temptation...      ...to bow-fish the things.  Just sayin'...  <dontknow> :o

Greg, it almost looks like you're setting up a backyard range, for my visit later in the year...  Again, just sayin'...  <laughs> <munch>

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worked hard saturday and first half of sunday, spread 6 yards of dirt and 10 yds of mulch, took break for father's day. spent time with the family. I am putting a pool up; there eventually, right now I have one of these until my daughter is a little bigger and better swimmer


work is halted for now, thursday the hydro-seed, this weekend coming up ten more yards of mulch, then some more pics for you guys. it's coming together nicely.

I have a range at my friends house we made up, 165yd range and a close range pistol and shotgun range. Between his and his inlaws he has 120 acres. We can shoot every day  :auto:

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a couple of updated pics, mulched about half of what i wanted to before the hydroseed was laid down, taking a small break from it until the hydroseed starts to take, ten more yds then done! mulching around inside of fence about 2 1/2 ft and around rest of patio and swing set





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