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Thanks for the warm welcome! A lot of familiar avatars over here. (Hi Mad) My .308 beast started as a MAS 49-56 in some weird French caliber. It is a work in progress, but shoots very nice. Really loud with the howitzer muzzle-brake. Nice place ya got here Drew!! Thanks for the invite.


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That, techmike, is a SWEET frickin' setup!

For those unawares, the MAS is also a direct impingement gas gun, based on a design predating WWII.  With the MAS the gases are vented out of the action however, negating the whole "You don't crap where you eat," criticism of the AR series.

So was that originally 7.5 French?  That has some hellacious ballistics!


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Thanks Jon, still some work to do. It used to have the grenade launcher hardware, and after removal, the front sight looks a bit odd, so I plan on doing something with that. And I have to make a new control lever for the gas valve - the existing one is loose and I believe accounts for the odd flyer. After that blast it and Dura-Coat.

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Hey MG - didn't know you had one of these. When I got mine, Century was rechambering them so I got .308. Liked it so much I had to order a "matching" MAS 36, which is also rechambered in .308. Don't know if you are looking, but scope mounts are available again. HERE Scroll down to MAS, it's on the right.

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