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MagPul Sales to Leo/Millitary


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I didnt know where else to put this, I'm sure it will be moved if need be.

I have just learned that Magpul will offer law enforcement / Military personnel one time option to buy directly from their web site, with a priority

In order to participate in this program, go to:


- Create your login account and click the “Register” button to submit.

- Once you receive a Membership Confirmation e-mail from orders@magpul.com reply directly back to it (RE: ) along with your name and unit or agency affiliation. Please respond using an official .mil or agency e-mail address, or provide other official identification to verify Military or LE status.

- If you already have a login account at Magpul.com, please just send an e-mail to orders@magpul.com with your name, unit or agency affiliation as outlined above, and the e-mail address you used to sign up for the account.

Once we verify your status (this process can take up to a few days) you will be added to an authorized MIL/LE group, which will allow a one-time purchase from a limited access section of our website. You will then receive a notification e-mail stating that you have been added to this group, and instructions for placing your order will be included.

I ordered mine on 2-15-13, they shipped yesterday

Items Shipped:


10 ( MAG243-BLK ) PMAG 20 .308 LR-BLACK              @  $19.95/ea

10 ( MAG557-BLK ) PMAG 30 AR/M4 GEN M3 - BLACK  @  $14.95/ea

Shipping:          $20.99

Tax:                $0.00

SHIPMENT TOTAL:    $369.99

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I thought I was out of luck trying to find the

Magpul 20 rd >308 magazines. I went to DSG

Arms and ordered 8 on backorder and 5 weeks

later they arrived in the mail. My credit card was

not charged until a week before they arrived.

Here is the link; just follow the procedure to do

the backorder. Note, I am not LEO or military.


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poop, I need to check back on the status change...  :o

Nothing, but this announcement at the top of the page...  >:(

NOTICE TO USERS: From 01 to 05 MAR 2013, AKO Mail systems may experience mail delivery delays as we work on our systems. We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

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