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Where is everybody


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I think people are still here, all the time. When you lok at the online stuff at the bottom, it shows as nobody online, until you click to see the details... Basically, the numbers aren't working, and just showing as Zero online - until you click it.

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No now the posts are in the wrong order. :D
I thought we discussed this already? I have a hard time with change. It is only a slight deterrent, but it has slowed me a little. Damn adobe!!! I knew flash was the reason I can't access smileys and who knows what else. Stupid smart phone apple libs and their non flash OS! See, if I could put a smiley there it would take a little anger out of the last sentence.
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X2 for Mozilla. I thought Tom was already on that though? What the hell man? I've gone to the dark side with safari. Too lazy to get off the couch and walk 25 feet to the den....and the wife won't let me put the computer on the coffee table. I'd use the laptop, but I can't stand windows vista...damn, I have a lot of problems. I'm gonna go whine somewhere else for a little bit.

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I have determined the forum software to be female.


and about Yahoo search and Internet Explorer....we gotta talk buddy


Right click the taskbar and kill that yahoo crap.



That Yahoo bullpoopy was locked into the "HP Advisor" bullpoopy on the computer - I killed them both.  IE, I can live with...


"Female" forum software, huh?...  Very politely stated...  :D


Smilies are all fucked up for me here...  I can't get any of the expanded ones to do poop... 

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