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Matched Sets


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The tough part is seeing a company that makes a really nice lower and doesn't make a matching upper. Specifically, certain companies have such a different looking design, aesthetically, that a plain jane typical lower or upper just looks a bit off when paired up. Not to mention that there might be the slightest difference in colors. Mega Arms makes such a nice set but there are plenty of others too.

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Matched sets are really only nice when they are designed to be a set. There are plenty of manufacturers that make a standard standalone product, designed to be mated to a different upper at another time.

If you like custom lines, and cosmetics are important to you, (imho) matched sets are the best looking rigs out there. I personally own two matched sets, one small frame and one large frame. I especially love that matched sets take away the "Franken-gun" look.

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The only matched sets I've picked up are billet. For that reason. Machined together.


Now, wait a minute? I only have one matched set, and it was a Spike's billet upper and lower 5.56 set.


ARFCOM billet lower mated up to a Rainier Arms billet Ultramatch upper perfectly.


Mega billet lower will mate up to a Mega billet upper perfectly, if I can ever find one. I have no doubt about about that.


5.56 stuff is made to a set fitment standard, and all the uppers and lowers should - should - fit everytime.


.308 ARs are different. Three different major designs, and no set standard for any of them. Even some brands of "billet matched sets" have been proven to not work. I'm just sayin'...

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poop, I forgot about a matched set - it was sold as matched, but I don't think it really fits that category.


Noveske Chainsaw-grade FFL lower with matched upper.


Since the Chainsaw grade is a blem or a second, I don't know how that would be "matched," just by definition of being a blem or second.  Maybe it was "matched," meaning they fit the blems and seconds together, to ensure operation, and were sold as such. 


Sweet pieces, none the less, and I used them to build my Mk12 Mod 0 rifle.

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My first AR is Spike billet lower and a Vltor billet upper and the fit is very good. But since every project is Mega Arms billet matched sets. I did not find an issue with number one, I have just choosen to go with and matched sets. And the Mega Arms product is the best you can get IMO.

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