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DPMS LR-308 Oracle *New Style


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Just bought a DPMS 308 Oracle from Cabelas... on a whim with doing a little research before hand... I payed about 900 out the door with coupons etc..so I think its a pretty good deal for the gun ..for the money.


After getting home and getting out of the new toy phase...i began thinking of mods etc.. 


Am I wasting money buy putting a FF tube, trigger and buttstock on it?  I only plan on shooting too 400 yards max... will the extra money in trigger/ff tube make it that more accurate to justify the cost?  


The buttstock is ugly and i'm going to upgrade that regardless.


I'm a silhouette shooter and love my triggers.


I'm also considering the Leupold FX-II 4x33 fixed power scope on it with the leupold base/ring.  Any thoughts on that?



Thanks, first post after finally finding a site dedicated to 308ar's.  






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Welcome to the site. If you told me I had one upgrade to choose and that's it, it would be without a doubt a Gisselle trigger. SSA for a combat rifle, SSA-E for precision work. Period.

But let's be real, there are a ton of things to do to it that make sense as well. Read up on them but:

Heavy buffers.com buffer- takes off the sting of recoil

Muzzle brake- quicker follow up shots

Bad-ass/cass selector from Battle arms- inexpensive well made up grade for ambi safety control you can tailor to suit your preferences

Those are minimum for me with every rifle, besides the trigger, which may be one of the single upgrades to increase accuracy. Like I said read up here and you can see many will advise similar thoughts on these products to really inhance your rifle.

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Trigger for sure , you can make do with the rest & change them as you see fit . There are a bunch of good triggers out there now a days. Gisselle SSA & others will make a big difference .


Stock is an easy switch out to one you like better & most of us are fans of free float hand guards. I don't own an AR in any caliber with out one .

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Oracle you say, I have one slightly modified it the most accurate rifle I own right now sub MOA with my hand loads. Here's a pic. 







I've done a few things to like :


Apex hand guard 

Geissele SSA trigger

adjustable gas block

LMT ergo grip

Magpul ACS lite stock

Weaver 2.5-10x40 scope

Burris P.E.P.R. mount 


Things left to do:


BA Battle comp.

buis sights


I considered the Oracle a blank slate that I could do what I wanted and still be able to get some range time. The biggest improvement by far was the trigger upgrade I'll never have a stock trigger again unless it comes stock with the Geissele in it.


Welcome to the forum and watch your wallet we like to spend other peoples money :)) enjoy that new rifle I know mine is a blast. <thumbsup>  

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Welcome from New Mexico! Seasprite is right, we WILL help you spend your money, there's a whole group of enablers here! <lmao>


All kidding aside, this site has some of the most knowledgeable folks around when it comes to the AR platform. Don't hesitate to post up any questions.

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Welcome from AZ, DPMS at $900 is a good price ! Upgrade the trigger and get a scope then 20 round magpul mags. Everything else can wait, spend your money on ammo. Break in your rifle with good ammo and run it wet ! Like lube dripping on the floor and splashing in your face !

Enjoy...Have fun.

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