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Jon!!! New Year's Day!!!


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Got any plans yet, brother?  Last year we did some breakfast, and hit the shootin' valley with some tannerite.  I'm thinking this could be a tradition, here.  <dontknow> <thumbsup>


Also, I need to EXPLODE Drew's phone.  Still.  STILLL....


I'm on the other side of you now, so if you've got keys to the range...


I'm just sayin'.  <lmao>

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Our range is off limits NYD 2014 but my day is open!


Plenty…PLENTY of open desert between here and there.  All we got to do is find another sign, denoting the area as "unfit for U.S. citizens" and we can do what the helll we want.


Mike…pack that stuff between some pillows and wrap it in duct tape!


I need to shoot up some stuff before the lead gets too old.


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Alright…just talked to Tom.


With everyone kind of in a bind, we're taking a poll for two dates.


Thursday Jan. 9th or Sunday Jan. 12, both at Marana Shooting Club ($6/person), 11900 N. Sanders Rd., Marana.


Tannerite, full-auto, .50 BMG allowed!!  That phone doesn't have a chance!

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I've got plans for that phone, too...  :banana: >:D


I'm in for either day, so it comes down to what works best for all parties involved.  Obviously, we'd run into less people on the weekday - I'm just sayin'. 


Not that runnin' into other people are bad.  We're just gonna draw a damn crowd...  <lmao>

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More interested on a Sunday than Thursday.

Drew I have told you to moved here many times !

Sunday is when we'll draw that crowd.  Fuk it, I'm up for it.  :banana:


We've ALL told him to move his ass outta that Chi-Com Damn State that's run by gun-haters, man.  One day, we'll get to him, he'll realize his transgressions, and join us in AZ-Gun-Lovin'-Harmony. :))

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^^^  That right there is my dream, brother, in a big way.


Massive hunk of property.  Motorcycle and ATV repair shop WITH a motocross track on the property.  That's on one side.  On the other side, gun shop/FFL WITH 1,200-yard range on the property.  In the middle, steakhouse and saloon.  Further behind that, man-made lake, with RV hookups.


That way, I get to work on engines, beat the hell out of them on the MX track, run the gun shop and range, Dawn Marie runs the steakhouse and saloon, and people come from all over in their toyhaulers and campers just to hang out for the weekend.  They won't need to leave the property for anything. 


The main living quarters will have big stone wall around it, with parapets at all corners.  And a moat.  Filled with Hippos.  Not joking, need to look into the licensing and permits for Hippos.  Nobody will fcuk with a pissed-off Hippo.  <thumbsup>


That's my compound.  :))   Money to be made in a layout like that.  Greg will be living there, too.  >:D

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