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".308AR Productions" - Muzzle Device Comparison, Planning


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So the other day I was thinking to myself, "We sure had a bunch of cool toys at the last NorCal meet/shoot." This realization brought me to a hunch that between Robocop, Bubbasks and I we've got to have a bunch of .308 AR muzzle devices too. It turns out our cache consists of a JP Cooley brake, Bad-Ass Battle Comp, PWS FSC30, Griffin Armament Flash Comp, LMT A2 Comp, and Knight's Armament MAMS. I naturally wondered how these various devices compared to each other and flew off to YouTube to see if anybody had done a mass .308 AR muzzle device comparison like so many have been done of their little 5.56mm brothers. To my surprise, nothing this extensive existed (although Vuurwappen Blog's side-by-side is a damn fine benchmark).


Cue, ".308AR Productions."


This Saturday Bubbasks and I (and Robocop in spirit) will be filming a muzzle device comparison with our slew of toys. Below is the test plan. Let us know if there's something else you want to see!



-Stock LMT MWS 16" CL (Bubba's LR308 is too damn heavy to shoot standing all day and my PWS has a dead-blow buffer and is a piston system that might not replicate the common DI case).


Test 1 - Standing Muzzle Movement:

-Side view of standing and unsupported shooter.

-Three to five rounds fired in slow succession letting the muzzle come back to the neutral/resting position.

-Three to five rounds fired in rapid succession.

-Concussion blast masochist observer 10ft away at a 30deg angle back from the muzzle's face.

-Observer will have dB meter to record max sound intensity with each device.

-Shooter and observer will note performance properties of muzzle devices (muzzle movement, recoil, concussive force, and sound pitch).

-Video will be shown at full and slowed down speed (unfortunately can't do too slow since only have 60fps camera). 


Test 2 - Rotated Muzzle Movement:

-Shooter will be crouched leaning to the side or lying on side as if shooting around a barrier.

-Camera will observe debris blown off ground by muzzle device.

-Three to five rounds fired in slow succession letting the muzzle come back to the neutral/resting position.

-Three to five rounds fired in rapid succession.

-Shooter will note performance properties of muzzle devices.

-Video will be shown at full and slowed down speed.


I'd love to add a "Test 3 - Flash Suppressing Performance," but I won't have enough time to stick around to film it this weekend :(. 


Ideally, we'll be able to get through both tests this weekend, but there's a chance we might only have enough time for the first one. 

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Man. Wish you gave some notice. Id be game to drop my dynacomp in the mail to see how it stacked against the BABC and others.

Same here - if you guys can push it to next Saturday, I'll put a 30-cal Spike's Dynacomp in the mail to you.


Schit, I'll send you the AAC Brakeout, too.

Edited by 98Z5V
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This sounds great...I'm looking forward to seeing what you discover.  Has anyone had any experience with the GoGun Supercomp? http://store.gogunusa.com/SuperComp-XL-Brake-762-X-51-308-5-8X24TPI-Parkzd-Steel-SCXL-308-762x51-ST-PZ-109.htm;jsessionid=384D8D970A130EED6DA6103AB4B90DFC.m1plqscsfapp04


I'm especially curious to see how the Griffin Flash Comp performs.  It got a great review on militarymorons

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This video will require a bit of eediting. I'm sure a second day of shooting will exist and be added to the video.

98, if you want to mail those out, I'll receive them and make sure they get back to you.

I'm actually planning on going up to Bubbasks and Robocop's area the weekend after too, although for other reasons, but we might be able to do some more filming then. I just need to ask my coworker if I can borrow his video equipment a bit longer haha.

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Lemme check a couple stores this weekend for another AAC Brakeout.  I'm not sure now that I want to unmount the one on the Rem 700 SPS.  I can always use another one, anyway.  The Spike's Dynacomp hasn't been fully tightened down on the 300BLK yet, so I don't mind ripping that off and sending it.


I'll check a couple places on Sunday and try to pick up another Brakeout.  <thumbsup>

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  • 1 month later...

I've got a SuperComp XL on my AR10 20inch and put a SuperComp Talon on my wife's new M15 in 7.62x39.  The AR10, which my 10 year old son has shot without the brake, is now almost reduced to the point that my 8 yo could shoot it and my wife's M15 is practically like nothing at all for recoil.  She can shoot it all day long (VERY accurately too I might add) without any issues and she's just tiny at 5'1 and 115lbs.  


The SuperComp XL might be a bit heavy for hunting though.  It definitely adds a bit of weight up front although I do believe it's available in titanium.

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  • 2 years later...

Not trying to resurrect an old thread, but I thought this might belong here. I had a chance to test out two different muzzle devices side by side. I have the PWS Triad on my 308Mega, and a SLR mini-comp on my 308TNArms-Aero. This is not remotely scientific but it answered some questions for me. I shot them side-by-side, five rounds at a time, same KAC sights on each rifle, the Syrac gas blocks adjusted just enough to reliably function, same reloads throughout the "test" (42.8 grains Match Rifle, Sierra 168 BTHP, LC cases, Win LR primers). Five rounds one, five rounds the other, repeat. Over 60 rounds this way. I can say the SLR really let me get back on target quicker. It is a really fine little device. In fairness, the PWS is billed first as a flash hider with some compensating abilities, and it did a good job, but the SLR was really so much better, It's an amazing little device. I may have to get another. Anyone want a Triad, cheap?

slr v triad 1.jpg

slr v triad 2.jpg

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