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Couldn't find a real place to show this off, but man do I want to show it off.


Started as a Remington 700 SPS Varmint


Then I decided I was going to spruce it up a bit. I got a DPMS ErgoTactical grip, Magpul PRS buttstock, MDT LSS Chassis, and a UTG Bipod.


Here is the finished project. I did all the work myself for the actual assembly, since it was my first time doing it, I thought I would go with something that isn't that much on the difficulty scale but I greatly enjoyed putting it together.

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To be completely honest, I haven't even shot the rifle, with or without the chassis. I do love the feel of the chassis, I don't know, it's just right for some reason. The whole setup is still a bit weighty because of the 26" bull barrel that is on the rifle; I wanted to have my own M40 sniper. It should be fun though, when I actually get it out to a range. Still wish there was one that went out to 1000 that I could shoot on around here.

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So Range Report time.

The rifle is amazing. I shot around 50 rounds out of it the first day, barely left any kind of mark on my shoulder, so even without a buffer the recoil management is amazing. I didn't think to take a 3-shot group picture, mainly because I was having WAY too much fun shooting. I would say the rifle itself will shoot sub-moa though, as I was zeroing it out to 100 I noticed all of my shots were tightly packed, even if not always in the center of the target.

The second time I took it out (two weeks later), I shot another 50-75 rounds through it with a little more focus getting my eye-relief and actual grouping done. I was called away because of work before I was able to get nice 3-shot group to take a picture of and post it. I will have to do that next time. In a shot to shot comparison between the Remington 700 and my RRA, the 700 was much more accurate.

All-in-all I absolutely love how this rifle turned out, even more than my RRA-SO. It may not have the quickness of follow-up shots, but with the accuracy that I am getting out of the rifle, I don't think I will need it.

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