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When is an AR10 not an AR10?

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Probably a stupid question, but....


I have been reading these forums and other online sources and am starting to question whether I may call my rifle an AR10.  I know the term is a proprietary Armalite designation.  However how far must one deviate to lose the designation?


In my case, I have an from Armalite an AR10B lower, LPK and FCG, gas block and tube, BCG, and mags.  The stock is an ACE stock with Heavy Buffer and spring from Heavybuffers.  Barrel and barrel extension is JP Rifles supermatch, with JP floating handguard. Scope is Vortex 6-24x50 and will be on a Larue mount.


Since this is a combo not specifically sold by Armalite, once the pieces come together, would this be, or not to be, an AR10?


Sorry for the newb question, and if already answered can someone redirect me to the thread?



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As mentioned, most parts from Armalite....receiver says Armalite Inc, Rifle, 7.62mm, AR-10.  Upper is Armalite as well as are all fire control parts, lower parts, BCG, etc...just a different barrel, handguard and stock.  Just did not come from Armalite as a package.



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You've got an AR-10B receiver from Armalite. You, my man, have an AR-10.


My 10 SBR (as an example) is an AR-10B receiver (upper/lower BCG, FCG) with a Noveske barrel and gas system. Along with the heavy buffers, Magpul stock, Hogue grip, Troy BUIS, Elcan optic and Rainier handguard and AAC muzzle device. It's an AR-10. Did it come from Illinois in that config? No. Hell no. They don't offer such a beast. Is it any less an AR-10 than my SASS? Hell no. Any less than my 10 A2 carbine? Hell no. Less than my A4 carbine? Hell no. I could go on, but there's no need.


If it says Armalite on the side of the receiver, It's an AR-10.


Nuff said.


As you were.....carry on.

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Damn right it's official brother.


As far as anything that you bolt on......doesn't change that. Trust me......all of the stuff I've bolted on made Greg and Rob hate me. Or at least flip me off constantly. <laughs>  Now, Rene was nothing but a gentleman though.......in a tin-knocker kinda way. <lmao>

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Maybe it's time to defer to the government, who loves us all and treats all of us with parental -- even motherly -- love and kindness.


Likely BATFE only looks at the manufacturer's stamp on the lower receiver. They totally love their tyranny on lower receivers and partial lower receivers. They got to, it's part of what keeps their agency alive an' kickin' budgetary @ss.


If that receiver was tied to an intecontinental ballistic missile, the ICBM would, in the eyes of the BATFE, be an Armalite.


Yeah, the stamp on the lower receiver rules.

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