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hello from Indiana


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Has anyone even seen a viper defense 100% serialized lower in person. (Tacticalriflesar15.com) I'm having problems receiving order placed and paid for over a month ago.for an item that says and has said all along on their website that it ships in 3-7 days. Originally they were saying it wsd stuck in anodizing

Now they won't return calls or Email.

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I would cancel your order with your credit card company, explain you ordered a product and have not received it, that the company is no longer communicating with you.

Welcome to the forum, tough way to start off. I'd stick with a well known manufacturer or distributor, it's a bummer to have this happen

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everybody with a CNC machine jumped on the AR bandwagon after the "troubles" hoping it would be a get rich quick scheme. part quality and customer service are all over the board with these little shops. sometimes you are just better off waiting in line for the name brand stuff.

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Viper emailed me back. They are refunding my money. After reading their email it sounds like they are a small shop that's struggling a little bit. It stinks the wat it turned out I feel bad for them because they have some neet product.

But I have every piece besides a lower to assemble my 308 and the lower was the first part I ordered. Time to move on and buy the proven dpms.

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Well, while typically you get what you pay for with glass, there are a few exceptions. I will let some others chime in here, I have no first hand experience with them, I have an issue where once I start shopping, my wife starts crying.

As far as the Mega barrel, a good friend of mine and the forum, had recommended one to me, saying he had shot someone's 18" to 600 with sub moa results. That's all I have, but it's something.

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I'm in northern Indiana. I've lived here most my life except for my time in service.

I finally finished my lr-308 . except for optics which is on its way.

Dpms panther lower . dpms a3 upper. Mega arms 18" barrel.hardened arms BCG.dpms rifle length buffer j.p. polished buffer spring. Ace skeleton stock. 15" eBay free float rail. 110.00 hard to beat.

I've ran 120 rounds through it now. With one FTE. I relubed BCG and ran 40 more rounds through after FTE. With no more issues.

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