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Problem: Sig P220 Elite Carry Stainless


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This is my duty (California LE) firearm and my daily load out (external vest carrier + Sam brown belt). Standard 8+1 in my firearm and x7 spare 10rd magazines. All are Sig Sauer branded and marked "made in Italy". It came stock with the SRT.


Prior to this pistol, I carried a P226 .40 for over 10 years. I have owned this pistol for nearly two years, and put countless (several, several hundred... maybe over a thousand) rounds through it.

When I first bought the P220, I had a problem with the pistol getting stuck out of battery. If I pushed slightly on the slide, just barely pushing it out of battery, it would stick there until I racked the slide.

I sent the P220 back to Sig for repair, and while it was there I had them perform their "action enhancement". The pistol came back and the problem was gone.

Since then I have fed my P220 a VERY healthy diet of Winchester Ranger 230gr T-series (department issued) ammo.


Initially I believed my P220 just required a lengthy "break in" period. I don't know why I felt this was the case, as my old P226 shot fine right out of the box. The problem is, ever since I bought this pistol, no matter which magazine I use, I get the same jam. Most often I see the jam occur within the first 3 to 5 rounds, when using the extended magazines. This has actually occurred more than once per mag. (Very rarely, the slide will fail to strip a round from the magazine, and will leave me with an empty chamber)

Here's a view of what the jam looks like. I don't know how well you can see, but the jam appears to be inside the mag. It's as if the cartridge tips forward before it loads, gets stuck, and prevents the slide from pushing the round into battery.




My question is, has anyone else run into this problem? Are there any suggestions? I plan on putting a call into Sig ASAP about this. I fear if it can't be resolved, this pistol may get retired early. Perhaps another .45 is in my future???

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On a Sig? Good heavens no!


Solution: Give me the P220, and go get a P226 MK25, 20-round mags, and +P 135gr Hornady Critical Duty. :D



P.S. Are you still complaining after Sig fixed it? ....or is it still problemmatic.


P.P.S. There are issues with certain extended mags having too much/too little spring tension and this may be one of the symptoms....


P.P.P.S. Tried different ammo yet?


P.P.P.P.S. Remove one mag spring, stretch it by 1-2 inches. and reinstall it to see if the situation gets better or worse.

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OK.   This is a rather commen follower problem.   The follower is tipping down, causing the ctg to nose dive into the front  of the mag.

   The problem is easily "fixed" in the 1911's by replacing the followers with an anti-tip follower.

    I don't know if there are after market followers for the Sig, though.

   It is SOMETIMES caused by to heavy of a recoil spring, though that isn't as commen.



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I'm assuming that you've run this thing with the standard mags? If not, try a few. I've got the elite dark 220 and have never had any kind of jam. Even when running it suppressed. Albeit, only with standard mags. Worst case, you can send me the mags for some extensive testing. And I won't even charge. Just the kinda guy I am.

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This really is a very simple fix.


Go ahead and field strip your 220, including pulling the magazines apart.  Get a representative magazine follower and take it down to your LGS that has a good supply on hand.


Purchase the FN FNX that you wanted for so very long.


Problem solved!



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  Magazine related as Tripledeuce has described . Sometimes short COL cartridges will do this also ( big HP bullets ) How does hard ball work ?


I have not looked ,but is there some one that makes a non tilt follower for this Magazine ? See if someone makes that & or a stiffer spring for the mag You can use a shim under the spring & sacrifice one round capacity for increasing pressure on the follower .


  Changing the recoil spring may cause other problems , but at this point its all experimental .


  You say this is your duty weapon ? & your carrying it ?

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I agree with what the others have said, it's a mag problem. Something you might try is to bend the top end of the magazine spring up more so it puts more pressure on the front of the follower and see if that has any effect on the problem. I've done this with single stack 1911 mags back when mil-spec mags were the norm and resolved this type of issue. Nowadays we have CMC mags and it's not a problem!

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Arghhh! This fuckin week!!! Sunday, some young POS finds himself directly in my path, 5 minutes to end of shift, with a critical case of "I'm a dcik and I need to go to jail." Of course I obliged, and after a short but very thorough attitude adjustment, he went off to the Grey Bar Hotel to sleep it off. Of course that meant all Monday morning I'm writing my Use of Force report explaining why I felt it was necessary to make another adult cry... technically I was trying to make him wet himself, I just settled for the crying... then I head off to the range to blow off some much needed steam.

I grab my stack of new shiny stainless steel magazines, a couple boxes of the good stuff, toss it all in my saddle bag and head out.... only to find my peaceful place of solitude is half under water... and the other half doesn't look too inviting either.

Fucked up start to my week. Mud on my uniform.... and now my mags are fuckin up.

I have enough 8's to get me by, but I really want to use my 10's.

SHOT 2015 had better bring me enough contacts to score something AWESOME.

I honestly considering a Glock... Lord take me now...

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I honestly considering a Glock... Lord take me now...



Damn.......that had to be one $hitty week to make you wanna settle for that. <lmao>



He was only making that consideration because he can NOT own the same .45 Tom and I do (and he's trying to convince himself he made the right decision on the FNX).

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