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D.WilsonMfg .308AR complete bolt carriers


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We've had the pleasure of having D.Wilson Manufacturung here with us for several months now.  Dave Wilson is a great guy, and quite responsive.  In previous talks, he asked us what we needed, as far as field repair kits for the .308ARs, and several of us answered him with different versions of a field repair kit, with different contents.  Literally, within hours, he had several different levels of field repair kits listed and priced on his website.  THAT is responsiveness!  :hail:


I ordered and received a nitrided .308 complete bolt carrier group from him - received it fast, too.  It's a very fine piece of work.  All machining is perfect, the lightening flutes in the BCG body are a great touch, and the dual, nested extractor springs are a pretty damn smart idea.  The firing pin retaining pin is the split-pin design, and not the cotterpin design.  I disassembled and headspaced the bolt on 3 different DPMS-patterned barrels, and it headspaced perfectly on all three. 


Bottom line:  this is one very high quality BCG, available at a very good price. 


Hit his website for the pricing information of the complete BCGs, but don't forget to look into the spare parts kits, either - all of them are badass.  I will own several more of these BCGs, that's for sure.




Overall shot of the side of the BCG:






The business end of it:






All broken down:




Dual, nested extractor springs:




At the time of this post, a complete nitrided BCG (including bolt) is $190.  A NiB coated carrier body with nitrided bolt is $195.  The complete NiB carrier body and NiB bolt is $200.  You cannot get a better quality BCG combination anywhere else, and the prices are honestly quite low.  Buy with confidence, no kidding in the least.



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   My Nitrated Bolt will be here Thursday , only thing keeping me from test firing my newest build .

   I have my test bolt (old DPMS ) in it for function testing & it head spaced OK , but I wanted a new one to break the Nitrated Criterion Barrel in & also testing the two Nitrated components together   <thumbsup>  


  On all three Bolts I have, the Extractor springs are nested springs . Two DPMS & one Shadow OPS , I think its a better idea than a rubber nipple or O-ring . <thumbsup>

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  I'm with Rob , after checking out these Nitrated Parts , I getting a respect for the treatment on them . I will see today on how they clean up & wear  .


  I remember I insulted the barrel maker here ,, many years ago on the Melonite barrels , wasn't meant to insult him , I just pointed out fact , that the process was too new & untried to say its the best thing since sliced bread & will make Chrome lining obsolete ( which it is , its an old process ), but that's the way he took it & I still have to test this Nitrated stuff to make a decision . 

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I'm in for 2 more complete BCGs myself.  I did the straight nitride already (and it rocks), so I'll mix it up on the next 2.  I did the complete master rebuild kit when he first announced them, and it's gold.  All my future BCGs and parts will be through DWilson. 

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