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APS - Advanced Pistol Systems LLC


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I don't remember which of you bastiches put this on the forum. I can't find it anywhere... Never the less, here's more!



So I'm strolling through the closest "free" Gun Show I can still attend. The "Big Reno (NV) Gun Show" is about a two hour drive for me, and a quarterly trip I make with my father and cousin. My wife usually joins me, but with all the kids we have now she backed out of this trip.


Like I was sayin... I'm strolling through the gun show, yakkin with my cousin about God knows what, when I stumble my dumbass across a booth, "Wait! I know this thing!!"


Immediately I recognize this device. I know it was one of YOU (I think I'm placing the blame on Jon or Mike, as they are usually the most frequent offenders of finding weird shiit).



Of course the guy behind the counter (Sam T.) sees my interest is peaked, and he saunters over. We chop it up a bit, and I explain to him that I no-shittin JUST learned about this from some miscreants online. We continue to chop it up and I play and play with all the different toys they have on the table. He explains the whole process to me and the hows and whys. I think it's an awesome plan.


I'M NOT GONNA LIE... i was more than skeptical at first. The immensity of the grip was a little off putting, but after playing a bit, I actually found the size of the added grip helped in the control. My first thought was I would take off a little material here and there, but as I played with it, it got more comfortable.... and the stuff is so sturdy, I'm not sure my dremmel would be enough to do the job. This thing is not only robust, but I think you can beat a guy with this if needed.


This is about the time when Robert G. comes over. This guy is more excited to talk about this product, than 98Z5V is about crazy women trying to break his shiit. I can tell right away that this guy has a bit more interest in the product besides just slinging the things. I find out right away that he's the designer and originator of the device. Besides being the big brain, he turns out to be one hell of a guy...


We talk about guns, optics, police shiit, more about the shooting platform... Unfortunately they don't make a platform for my P227 TacOps (YET!!!) but he wasn't going to let me walk away... "Do you own a Glock?".... Well, technically my wife (also LE) has a G17, so "Yes I do."


So there you have it. I picked up a new G17 APS platform, and I am ALL TOO STOKED to try this fuker out!











So, while i only have the little 9mm to try this out... I think it's really going to shine when I put it on Bubba's G20SF 10mm! This is going to make a pistol into a 200 yard PDW! Hell, I might even be brave enough to shoot some of crazy Mike's hot loaded 10mm with this.


i have to play with this a little still. I think a new stock is in order (I needed a reason to buy another MFT Minimalist stock). Deploying it is a bit awkward at first, but only because you are using two hands to control a pistol and the APS platform at the same time. Once I started getting the hang of it, it started getting smoother. A short, single point, sling mounted to the rear of the stock would be perfect. Let it hang when not in use, and easily recover it when ready to deploy.


Needless to say, I have a Sig P227 version coming in a few weeks too. I can't let the wife have all the fun. With the right stock and sling, this is getting dumped in my motorcycle saddle bag right away.


I'm going to try my damnedest to get Robert G. to join up here. I look forward to seeing what comes next. Not only that, but this guys appears to know more shiit than he's able to disclose. I'll bet he's got the scoop on some super top secret squirrel shiit, just based on his evasiveness during our banter.... Definitely a good guy to know and have around.


Best quote from the wife was... "So... I put my pistol in that thing... then I slap in my 30 round mag and let her rip!"  <--- LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!

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Well, you better damn sure keep her, because you'll never find another one that puts up with your shiit...  <lmao>


That thing looks...  weird.  i need to shoot it...


a. You're absolutely right about that... Not to mention the fact that I'm scared to death of her.

b. It definitely looks weird

c. You most definitely ARE going to shoot it.

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This is about the time when Robert G. comes over. This guy is more excited to talk about this product, than 98Z5V is about crazy women trying to break his shiit.


I'm not gonna lie - I really liked this comment...   <lmao>  :hethan:  :banana:

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I thought about this a little. I feel there's some need for customization here. A new stock and a single point sling are a must for me.

I feel I can put on the sling and have the platform dangle under my left arm. I can draw with my right hand and bring the platform to my pistol with my left hand.

This will take some form and application. I'll keep you all updated on how it works.

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They have an BATFE letter stating that because the platform doesn't attach or affix to the firearm, they don't have any opinion about it as it doesn't fall under their jurisdiction. They describe it akin to shooting sticks.

It's hard to see in my shitty pictures, but this thing is stamped "Reno Police" all over it. If there is a grey area, hopefully this helps sway any final decisions.

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