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Teaser Pics

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It needs a little fitting.  It's made for the AR-15 but just a little shaving around where the gas tube enters the upper and the none standard front site shortens the distance from the back of the front site to the  front f the barrel nut I may have to shorten by 1/8th to 3/16s inches.


Over all I am intensively pleased...

Ironwood AR Stock on AR10 003.JPG

Ironwood AR Stock on AR10 004.JPG

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That’s a GREAT looking rifle!!! Nice job  

I did a woody a few years back. I love the classic look. I’ve been very tempted to build another... especially since BAD Inc released theirs. 



I built mine on a Colt A2 using a 20” HBAR


I believe mine was from Lucid. This was grade 3 of 5. I couldn’t afford level 4 or 5. Lol

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46 minutes ago, Earl o Sammich said:

The YHM is for a 450 SOCOM, AR-15 platform.  Ended up going with a break.  Shoot one and you will know why.  It just happened to have the same thread pattern.  

Pretty assuming of you.  I have plenty of brakes on ARs.  I fully well know the benefits of a brake.

Also, as far as Woody's go, here my Woody National Match AR I built in 2010.

The furniture was from Precision Firearms, and I don't even know if they sell it anymore.  Top quality.  Back then, there were very few choices, either PF, or some rough crap from RRA, that was unfinished.


One of these days, I'll have those wood handguards milled out, so I can install this Armalite NM Free Float tube.


The 1/4 MOA x 1/4 MOA National Match rear sight and the 0.040" front sight rocks - hell of a combination - fine tuning them is effortless.  This thing slings lead at 400 yard targets with zero effort.




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Ever shot the .450 SOCOM?  That is what I was referring to.  If not,  come on over and I'll let you touch off as many as you can take.  I'm not normally recoil sensitive.  I can shoot the .458 with out much concern, but only for a couple dozen rounds at a sitting.  It was half that before I switched from the flash suppressor to the break.

Edited by Earl o Sammich
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My typing skills suck.  I will admit that.  That's what I said 458 SOCOM!!!  How do you spell that.


But I've got one for you.... what is internal dynamics? that you refer to in your previous post???  You're not referring to internal static dimensions are you....????


Google Dimensions, Dynamics and Statics.

Edited by Earl o Sammich
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Now you're telling me to Google shiit. 

All we did was measure BCGs and bolts - you are in a situation to provide information on the barrel extension internal dynamics.

The relationship between the differences of the Armalite AR-10 barrel extension and the DPMS barrel extension...

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2 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Nope, but I've shot a .458 SOCOM.  8" barreled pistol with a Shockwave Blade on it.  Gets right into your shoulder pretty well.


Thanks, @sketch!  :hail:

its a love hate relationship! :banana::box1: it can really leave a mark! 

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7 minutes ago, Earl o Sammich said:

.... and buy the way ban this account.

I find it ironic that he's claiming superior intellect, yet doesn't know the difference between "by" and "buy."  I'd bet their/there/they're really fuks him up.

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Better fix this before I get silverbacked 

Nope, it's good!  You're not a guy that would tell people to Google the differences between dynamics, dimensions and statics, and then fucking mis-spell words...   :lmao:

I'd  LOVE to get into a conversation with that asshead on the differences between static compression and dynamic compression on a forced induction engine...   and why it's important to not fuk it up.  :laffs:

Edited by 98Z5V
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