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Sunspot New Mexico


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Anyone following this? Feds crashed an observatory, boot everyone out, and nobody has any idea why. Tons of other weird stuff going on as well like "maintenance outages" on many of the sites that post data/pics from places like this and pics and videos people are posting  of the site keep disappearing.  Its been days and no info. The local sheriff's dpt was asked by the FBI to help with evac but nobody would tell them why so they left.




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Concerning. Several other observatories who stream live imagry 24/7 are also temporarily down. 







This is a .gov and its up, but someone pointed out its usually a video and currently just a photo. Seems all the live feeds of current solar activity are down.


What do you think? 



Plasma jet hurtling towards us that will extinct us?

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5 minutes ago, sketch said:

 i vote dessert local as the hidy hole updated..

Casa De Pain always has rooms available. Always.

I have completely avoided the news today, since it's 9/11 again.

I drove right through that route when I moved back to AZ in 2010, and said "FUK THE EAST COAST," and left Northern VA/DC/ShiitHole Central.

I was in a cell blackout the entire time.  My phone didn't work for a full day, in that area. And yes, you bastards, it wasn't because of my flip-phone, same one I still have now, 7 years later...   Fukkers...

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A "security issue" about which no one can speak... Local sheriff says, "There was a Blackhawk helicopter, a bunch of people around antennas and work crews on towers but nobody would tell us anything.”


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Story I heard was that they found a camera monitoring the two bases that are visible from that site. They pulled everyone from the facility to investigate and work on determining who was doing the spying. Likely one of the Chinese scientists. That's why FBI, that's why no local involvement. This wasn't from a report I read personally, but from someone else that had read it somewhere...so I can't link anything, but knock yourself out on the search if you'd like. There were more details, and it seemed to make sense. 

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Saw that....and a pile of others plausible and silly theories well. Turns out FBI swooped down in blackhawks, evacuated the site, was seen climbing around on the equipment, and keeping residents,  employees, and local LE in the dark because the janitor downloaded kiddie porn. nothing to see here folks. Just doin muh jerb. 

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