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Man shot at indoor range


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2 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

From reading the article, could this have been a suicide? 

A couple of years ago we had a member of our gun club end himself on the range in front of myself, my wife and four other members, turned a 9mm Glock to his chest and pulled the trigger, absolutely nothing we could do to save him, by the time we even figured WTF just happened he had stopped breathing, trying to perform CPR on someone when every time you compress their chest you get covered in their blood is pointless.

I never even gave it the remotest consideration that someone would do such a thing, especially in front of an audience, I seriously hope that I never have to witness anything like that ever again.

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happend several years ago here, woman in her 30's rented a pratice pistol and made 3 or so shots then turned it to the head. that was the local public range i was trained on as a kid but never frequent due to public.. I use the private range all the time and notice more and more holes where they shouldn't be!! That's fucked up!

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We had an intern here that worked at a range down the street from us as well. He was on duty when a man took his own life in the lane next to my old boss and his 19 year old daughter. He met the daughter in that event, started dating and my old boss sent him our way for a job. They had a policy there that they do not rent to anyone unless there are two people. Shooters who come in alone must bring their own weapon because they've had that happen before. Someone comes in, rents a gun and takes their own life. It's messed up. 

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We had a wheelchair bound guy do the same. He rented a pistol, bought a single target and a box of ammo. He put 49 in the target... don’t forget about the mom that did in her son at the range. 


We kinda had one recently. The new range has a rubber backdrop. Some genius thought #9 shot from his 930 was a good idea. Six people were screaming, “STOP!” As they were pelted with cloud of lead bbs. No more shot shells allowed at that range. 

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