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Bigger than bull gas blocks

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Anyone ever play around with larger than .936 gas blocks ? I have for a while ! Making some adjustable gas ones in 1.125 and 1.1875. Made a couple of custom creedmoor barrels to play with. 





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Thanks! I’m waiting on my blanks to show up but I am going to be doing a couple of 6.5 PRC dpms setups , they are x caliber blanks and will be 1x6 twist. Going for a 28 inch tube that’s 1.25 be hind the gas block , 1.1875 gas block and 1.125 to the muzzle , plus 3 extended gas tube and I will make the muzzle brake. All of it stainless! I think that’s gonna be a fun project ! The barrel in the pic up above is a 19 inch blank that I started with but in 6.5 creedmoor. It weighed 7 lbs before I fluted it and it weighs 4.5 lbs now! 

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Yeah milling stainless always comes out nice and pretty ! I’m also doing a custom 45 raptor barrel , it’s OAL is 27 inches (it’s a stand gun) I did a rifle length system , 1.250 behind the gas block ,1.125 gas block and then 1 inch to the muzzle , and then the muzzle brake , I did a 1x16 twist barrel. I’m also gonna make my own solids for it which I’m looking in the 225-250 grain area , I’m still working out the design on it but here is some pics of the barrel. 





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I may dump the creedmoor barrel ? I have a 260 rem and I’m not sure I wanna deal with buying more brass etc. Plus I’m sure once I my 6.5 PRC going I won’t mess with 260 rem anymore either lol! 

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