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Bigger than bull gas blocks


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Thanks! I’m waiting on my blanks to show up but I am going to be doing a couple of 6.5 PRC dpms setups , they are x caliber blanks and will be 1x6 twist. Going for a 28 inch tube that’s 1.25 be hind the gas block , 1.1875 gas block and 1.125 to the muzzle , plus 3 extended gas tube and I will make the muzzle brake. All of it stainless! I think that’s gonna be a fun project ! The barrel in the pic up above is a 19 inch blank that I started with but in 6.5 creedmoor. It weighed 7 lbs before I fluted it and it weighs 4.5 lbs now! 

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Yeah milling stainless always comes out nice and pretty ! I’m also doing a custom 45 raptor barrel , it’s OAL is 27 inches (it’s a stand gun) I did a rifle length system , 1.250 behind the gas block ,1.125 gas block and then 1 inch to the muzzle , and then the muzzle brake , I did a 1x16 twist barrel. I’m also gonna make my own solids for it which I’m looking in the 225-250 grain area , I’m still working out the design on it but here is some pics of the barrel. 





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On 3/17/2019 at 2:13 PM, Bigbull said:

No I’m a machinist for a living this is just for fun. A couple of close friends take advantage of me ?

I ran 3 and 4 axis Fadal cnc mills for about 5 years. I miss having the machine and all the tooling, and BobCad all there for making anything my mind could dream up. 


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10 hours ago, Bigbull said:

Dang Fadal huh they haven’t been around in a while ! And good luck getting parts for them ! But yes it’s nice have a very large shop to play in!

I was out of that shop in 2002 (wow it has been that long) but that was all they had really, 3, 4, and 5 axis, Probably a dozen or more. they had a couple Mazak Integrex....big ones, and one Mazak mill they used strictly for EDM graphite.




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303 is the mil-spec, because 303 doesn't work harden with heat, ever.  That's why it was spec'd for gas tubes in DI ARs.  304 is what alot of guys make headers out of.  304 changes shape once it gets it's initial heat - which is why header-makers can "be off" once in awhile. No worries for them, because the headers will "conform" to where they should have been made in the first place.  303 is hard to get, but it's worth it, in the long run.  I've blown out 304-stainless headers a few times, due to heat, right at the collector, both times. It can't handle the concentration of heat, long term.  My $0.02.  :thumbup:

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