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California taste of FREEDOM! Sort OF?


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So I purchased a few standard capacity mags online, last week, as the short lived, ban was lifted momentarily, only to read the law and find out they can not be used in a ‘fixed magazine’ firearm! To insert a standard capacity mag in one, would be ‘creating an assault weapon’ and considered a ‘felony’. S.M.H! (They’re still in the sealed bag, so no, I’m not a felon! ) They are fine to use in RAWs and ‘featureless’ rifles. So, California, using a 20 rnd mag with a Maglock is a felony, but take the flash hider and pistol grip/adjustable stock off and it's GTG with a standard mag release!?! OK, guess I’m going featureless! LoL. The gun laws in California are getting more bizarre every year! The mag ban was deemed unconstitutional in court. How is requiring a maglock/bullet button, which makes your gun difficult to reload, not unconstitutional? I mean, it could literally get you killed! And, BTW, if your rifle already is a lawful length with the stock in all the way, an adjustable stock makes the weapon longer, not shorter and more ‘concealable’! Bunch of morons. I need to move back to America! 

Million Mag March

March 29-April 5, 2019

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They are estimating at least 1.5mil magazines sold during the 7 days of freedom. My LGS has a store here and in Reno/Sparks, NV. On the first day, he had every single magazine in his NV store driven to the CA store. Rumor was that he had $150k in magazines overnight shipped to his CA store... plus his NV inventory.

He sold every single mag. 

From this...


To this...


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I wonder if Cheaper-Than-Dickheads jacked prices...   I didn't even THINK ABOUT looking at those gouging jackasses during this!  And I kick myself for not doing it...  It never even occurred to me, during that week.  I'll bet they did, those sorry fukbags.

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What pisses me off the most....the week before this went down I ordered 6 new mags for the Glock. All 10 rounders of course to be Ca compliant. Crap. We know what the 9th circus will do when it gets there. Then, if the Supreme Court won't hear it...we're stuck with whatever the 9th decides. I'm hoping SC will get on this one. It will be a big deal in a lot of states. The other downside is that california will come up with a way to make it worse again - for anything that gets better. 

I hope they go after the ammo regulations next. Ammo is as much a part of bearing arms as the magazines that feed it. 

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