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I want a new revolver


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 I have been shopping for an eight shot 357. Currently I’m leaning 60:40 on S & W over a Ruger Redhawk. The 627/327 is sexy AF, but the  Red hawk is built like a tank. I’m almost positive I want to four-inch, and I am absolutely positive that I do not want a Taurus. What do you guys think? What do you guys know? 

 I don’t want this gun for anything important. I’m not focused on CCW, or competition, or even target shooting. Mostly just looking for something to open carry around a camp or around the ranch, that will give me some versatility with different loads. I also like to pack my Browning .357 lever action around... and that whole thing about same round for your long gun and pistol argument.

I primarily like the 357 for the eight round capacity and the ability to shoot 357, 38, and 9mm.  After seeing the “thunder ranch“ model, I’m kind of tempted to go the .45 route, and shoot Long colt and ACPs. It’s only a six shot versus the eight shot… But it’s a 45!

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2 hours ago, Robocop1051 said:

that whole thing about same round for your long gun and pistol argument.

I don't know anything about revolvers but consider this and increased capacity important factors. Thanks to a cousin that's a 1911 guy I understand the appeal of the .45 cartridge but never bought in due to higher ammo cost and other factors such as the 9mm being as capable for many (most) applications, etc.


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15 minutes ago, Sisco said:

And check out the Diamond D chest rig holsters out of Wasilla Alaska.


Damn!   That is some nice leather.  I've always been a HUGE FAN of Mernickle Holsters, but some of that stuff right there is damn nice!


Bob and Sherrie Mernickle are WAY cool people.  :hail:

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The GP is only a 6 shooter. I already have at least 12 of those. I want an 8-shot revolver. My addiction to the .45 is the only reason I’m considering another six shooter.  Truth be told, I am heavily leaning towards the 357. I doubt I’ll buy another 45 anytime soon. I would say at least half my arsenal is chambered in a 45 caliber cartridge… 45 LC, 45 ACP, 45–70, 45-90 (had a 45-120 for a short minute, but it’s gone)...  I even owned a 45 GAP at one point.

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