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Glock headed to mill


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1 hour ago, Radioactive said:

That was my second choice for optic and may be my next if I convert others over

Once you try this out, and get used to shooting it  - you'll convert others over.  I just have that feeling...    :thumbup:



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My wife has a Burris red dot on a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm for competing in Carry Optics Division in USPSA. Right now all we have done with it is sight it in and ring a little steel at the range but she likes it and I think it's a pretty good platform. I can definitely see the the little slide mounted red dots becoming more mainstream on carry guns in the near future.

I shot Open Division in USPSA using a frame mounted C More red dot for a couple of years and that sight was FAST to pick up on the draw!

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Those frame mounted ones didn’t get quite the beating the current slide mounting gets and I was really surprised how small the rmr was. Didn’t remember them being that tiny.

Now I’m looking for an inexpensive one to go on my sw22 so I can get in some cheap rim fire practice. This won’t be slide mounted so cheap one should last ok


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California was not fond of them. Sometimes you have to give up a good thing to keep from being a felon.  I’ll have to find someone who can do a nice laser job on a gen 3 frame so I can put the parts back together on a legal version. What’s the difference?  I don’t know, but I guess people feel safer if I have the exact same thing in a different package. Another case of making bad guys out of non-bad guys. 

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41FDFDE0-D154-4119-906C-4352E7D50AEE.thumb.jpeg.e260bf4b69487a7b32c9c95fe82a19f6.jpegI know I’m late to the thread, but what can I say, it’s already well established I suck haha. Anyway, this is a setup I’ve been running since about summer of last year. I was skeptical of the Holosun at first, but it’s held up really well to the beating. I intentionally took it to AZ last fall for the shoot, and just threw it around the desert. No problems what so ever.


With all that said, I still can’t decide how I feel about pistol red dots. Are they fun to shoot, for sure. Are they quick for practical shooting drills, absolutely. Do I like it more than standard irons, I honestly don’t think I do. Something about the way I run sidearms, I have to actually make a conscious effort to present it the correct way to see the dot. It’s easy to do, especially practicing drawing a few times, but honestly I just prefer irons.

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I’m still trying to get used to the red dot. I intentionally left the iron sights off till I got the hang of it but to be honest I haven’t put in the time to get consistent. I have a renewed vow to do it so we will see how it goes. I don’t carry my red dot yet still with iron sights for now


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23 hours ago, DayWalker said:

 but honestly I just prefer irons.

I'm with you there! I built a 38 Super Open gun for USPSA and shot that division for a couple of years. Loved the speed that gun was capable of and it really improved my Limited Division skills but I just wasn't into the red dot sights. I went back to my iron sighted STI in Limited and traded the open gun off. It was fun for a while!😁

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