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AR15 Shorty


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OK, All

I  have a 7-1/2" 5.56 barrel in the mail and an 80% lower jigged up in the 5D. Eventually like to put a Deadfoot 2.5 adjustable brace system on it or maybe a LAW folder, but just starting with the Tailhook Mod 2 and standard recoil. Couple things I would like some input on, Gas port and tube. I can get a pigtail tube or regular, what has worked on other 7-1/2" builds? What port size for a .75 journal? planning on a AGB and a birdcage. 

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I have a 7.5" 5.56 gun.  Don't have the gas port diameter data on it, though.  Standard gas block, non-adjustable.  Standard gas tube, no pigtail.  First put the A2 FH on it, and that SUCKED!  The concussion you feel in/to your head rattles your teeth.  I shitcanned the A2 and put a Noveske Pig on it.  That tamed the blast down, and actually made it shootable.

11.5" 5.56 gun, A2 on it - no problems, that combo works, doesn't rattle your teeth. 

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1 minute ago, Albroswift said:

I was looking at the KAK flash can.Is the Noveske worth the price jump?

 Just thought the pigtail was a cool idea, seemed like I heard they use to run them on 10" commandos or something like that.  

KAK flash can does the same thing, although I've run them on short barrel Blackouts. 

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On mine, it was the original Noveske KX-3, the fat one.  There were zero other options back when I built this thing, just the old-school Flaming Pig. Tons of options now, seems like there are several companies making these kinds of muzzle devices.  I can't see the other ones being much different, as far as what they do.

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1 hour ago, Albroswift said:

Barrel came in and I measured .0635 port. Seems small. Still waiting on a few other parts,  and range closed anyway. 


Measure the distance from the gas port to the end of the barrel for me, if you get the chance.  Barrel diameter at the gas port, too.  I'll bounce it off other numbers available.  Believe it or not, that looks like it'll work.  :thumbup:

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