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Pistol brace recomendation


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5 hours ago, Radioactive said:

98z and dpete - Is there anything you don’t like about the sba3?


if you guys could change one thing about it what would it be?

Nope, nothing I don't like about it.  It fulfills it's purpose, as a "brace" that I can use.

I wouldn't change anything about it.

One thing that TailHook Mod 2 has GOING for it - is the proprietary extension.  NO WAY to get trapped into some BATFE bullshiit with that one.  Nothing else will ever fit.  With that SBA3, it's running in a mil-spec RE.  You COULD fit a true collapsible stock to it - which would be an illegal SBR.    In the entrapment game, that's a minor downside.  Have to be some croooooked shiit going on, to get that brought upon you.  If that came up, my personal mentaility is "YOU go eat a dick, and PROVE it.  When you're done, have a desert on this bowl of smashed assholes..."   :thefinger:

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Ok this thread is morphing. 375 socom with 10.5” barrel. It’s going to have my can dedicated to it (I think). How long should I go with a hand guard? Barrel length, barrel plus half of can or something in between? 10”,13” or 15”. Will probably want a red dot, light and maybe a laser mounted on it. Don’t want the kitchen sink. Thinking this will be my house gun. Let me know if you think I’m out to lunch. Decided tailhook brace but haven’t ordered it yet.

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Me personally, since you said you want to run it with a suppressor. I'd try and find a rail that would just leave the muzzle device hanging out of it. Gives you more real estate to hold onto with any short barreled weapon. All of my SBR's have full length rails just for that purpose.

Just my opinion my man.

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My 300 BLK SBR has a handguard that goes just a little past the back end of the suppressor and I think it looks pretty good that way. My suppressor is a direct thread on the barrel and never comes off. The handguard has less than 1/8" clearance around the can and heat transfer has never been an issue but like I said, it doesn't cover much of the can to start with.

Had to go find it but here's a pic of it from the 300 BLK picture thread;


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On 6/7/2020 at 11:08 AM, 392heminut said:

I haven't noticed any gas blast issues with the 300 BLK but that round probably has a lot less gas than the 375 SOCOM would.

Not too sure yet. The load recommended from Tony Rumore at tromix is 10 grains of 700x behind the 325 grain maker bullet 35 k pressure should be about on par with 300 blk. Same press slightly larger bore equates to more gas for sure but not a large volume. I figure the dwell time will play the largest part in how much gas blasts out the back of the receiver. May need to play with some spring and buffer weights to get it right. I ordered a gas buster charging handle and will probably go with an vent in place of the forward assist just for a little extra assurance.

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