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Those guys have been crooks for years. I still remember them instantly raising the price of Pmags by like 500% within a day or so of the Newtown shooting. Sometime before that would have been the last time I bought from them. Like doc just said, that had to be 8 years or more ago now 

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25 minutes ago, Cunuckgaucho said:

I knew prices had gone up but that's insane! They sold for CAN$ 1800 pre ban up here.

That's just examples of the fuckin' they were trying to give people after Sandy Hook.  As soon as Obuttfuck was on the news that Monday morning, saying how he was gonna ban ARs, CTD jacked all their prices.  They SUCK. 

They've been on my "Go FUK YOURSELF!" List ever since.  :thefinger:

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