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Lithium Ion batteries

Belt Fed

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Do you guys worry about them in your lights?  Guess i have been reading too many battery stories. i use a weapon light on all my hunting rifles.

I walk about 400 yards to and from my stand in the dark and don't have to fumble with a hand held light. if for some reason i need to use the gun on an evil critter i don't have to worry about a hand held. just point and shoot and i had to do that this year. 

But i have seen articles on lights exploding and catching fire with these batteries. I bought a few packaged a couple years ago and am concerned a small bit. Is there a good replacement for the 123A batteries that are not lithium?

with that said i have never had any trouble from them. should i be worried or just keep usin them.

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Never had any issues with lithium batts, ever.  Even used the old-skool ones in our radios, back in the .mil days.  BA-5590s and BA-5598s.  Just don't throw one of them in a pond, and make sure the spares are water-proofed AS FUK before you try to swim with them... 

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5 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

We gonna need to hear this story.:popcorn:

Oh, there was never any story for it, because we waterproofed those bitches like CRAZY.  I was on a water-team, and our gear got wet often.  Full-load training waterjumps were the worst.   When you hit the water with a 100lb ruck, plus all the parachute shiit - you better hope you got that right.  You never took the chance, because that would have SUCKED...  Very badly... 

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We had li ion batteries on the front of a semi trailer short out and catch on fire Tues. Powered the gps system so they can track the trailer. Burned real good and the heat melted the glue that held it on. It melted the wires  to the solar panel on the roof and fell off. It was looking like it was going to be a big fire till it fell off. Ford won't let us take pictures of stuff like that. Damn that sh1t stinks.

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