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Operational watches


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The first part of my .mil career, I had Seiko dive watches.  Indestructible.  After Casio came out with the G-Shock, I switched to them.  Damn near indestructible.  That's all I wear now, the G-Shocks - unless I need to dress up.  I still have some badass Seiko watches that I can wear, all pretty and gold and silver - and still indestructible.

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10 hours ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

I don't know if these are a good price, but Woot has some of them on sale at the moment.  Sorry @98Z5V the FDE one is sold out already.

I go get them at the PX or BX (Post Exchange - Army shiit, or Base Exchange - Air Force shiit).  Dirt cheap.  Closest place to me now is Luke Air Force Base.  I just bought a new one several months ago.  I beat the shiit out of watches.  What kills my G-Shocks is tearing up the bands, or fucking up the outer case on them  - but they still work.  When I get one to the point that it's ragged dog shiit, I just get a new one. 

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On 6/16/2022 at 11:56 PM, 98Z5V said:

I had Seiko dive watches.

Bastards jacked up their warranty deal now, only one place to send your watch for a battery that will not void the warranty............ and they sent mine back with a leak so it took another two months to get it back. Still love that watch. Seems like they gave me a Timex at RIP, green canvas like band that covered the face, always carried it in a pocket though........ wish I hadn't sold all that schit for hooker and blow money :laffs:

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I use to warehouse watches back in the day. Timex ,Casio Lorus and a few other brands. I started with the Timex Ironman had like 3-4 of those then the Casio G-Shock. Hated the bands on all of them.  Now it Citizen for the last decade plus . they only die if you leave them in the safe. They are indestructible and look great i wear it at work and don't worry about the watch.

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Top one is my work watch, started off as my dive watch. It's going on 25 years now and the rotating bezal no longer works. The second one is my day to da watch which I actually found diving.

 It's a local Vancouver Company that is still in business but had to change their name when the city of St. Moritz got upset.


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this was my Fathers watch got it while serving 30 year aviation Boatsan mate chief he had it in the early 60,s still runs perfect but you do have to wind it lol tougher than bricks for sure. Wittnauer Geneva


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